Sunday, April 9, 2017

Playing God

Doron Polus, CEO of The Sliding Door Company has a LOT of lives in his hands.  Certainly, employees at The Sliding Door Company depend on him for their livelihood.  
He likes to employ "family" people so not just his direct employees but their families too often depend on Mr. Polus' business decisions.  

Like any employer, Mr. Polus has a legal and moral responsibility to his employees - to ensure their safety and well-being while they work for him.  Safe working conditions are essential to businesses and regulatory agencies like OSHA are available to help employees and employers to maintain a safe environment.

Mr. Polus' responsibilities don't end there, however.  He must also accept responsibility for the safety of his products and how they are installed in the homes of consumers.  Customer safety is absolutely HIS responsibility.  And when his business decisions sacrifice customer safety, that puts not just customers at risk, but the entire company - the employees whose livelihood depends on their paycheck - at risk. 

You have to wonder what goes through Mr. Polus' mind when he puts his customers and employees at risk with a profit-over-safety decision.

So, let's take a look at one of Mr. Polus' reckless business decisions that impact the entire company negatively.  Below is a picture of a corner connection for one of TSDC's products.  Underneath the top of the post is what they call an "outlet connector" - a structural piece that holds the beams that support the system.  This happens to be one of their goofier products - it installs over and in front of an office cubicle which customers may already own.

The following was part of a directive by Mr. Polus which was forwarded by the Technical Integrations Manager:

"To Sales, Operations and Management Teams, and Affiliate Management
As you all read in the last manual update, we have discontinued the connector parts for workstations.  I am referring to the Side Outlet L and T, Single Outlets, Straight T connectors etc."

Side Outlet - L Configuration - Now DISCONTINUED

So what does this mean?  
The "Side Outlet" components were very sturdy structural components that supported the corners of office cubicle systems for The Sliding Door Company's products.  

More importantly their engineering documents were based on this component.  The image of the "L" configuration (right) is directly from their engineering documentation.  As you can see, this is a VERY sturdy component intended to be structural.  

Notice the engineer's note recommending "Stainless steel" rather than the painted steel outlet connectors that TSDC used.  That notwithstanding... they replaced this connector COMPLETELY.  

And what do you think they use to replace it?  From the same email directive:
"L Connectors are replacing all outlets and connectors – see manual for diagrams."

Cheap knock-off bracket replaced Side Outlet Connectors.
That's right... our old friend, the non-tested knock-off bracket of the engineered Simpson A23.  At 35 cents each to produce in China, these brackets save a LOT of money for TSDC, according to Mr. Polus.  You can buy engineered and tested brackets from Simpson for 50 cents, but hey, 15 cents savings is 15 cents.  Additionally, by replacing the far more costly outlet connector with these 35 cent brackets, Mr. Polus expects to make a ton of money, apparently.

So, does this replacement impact the validity of the documents provided by an engineer which suggest this system may be safe?  OF COURSE! 

Gaskets leaking chemicals NO
concern for CEO. 
This is, of course, only one example of Mr. Polus "playing God" with the safety and well-being of others.  I blogged recently about another safety issue that Mr. Polus is aware of - leaking gaskets.  No concern, apparently that a child might ingest the chemical residue his product emit.  His Chinese wood products emit a chemical smell that also doesn't seem to concern him.  

His own employees have reported a tripping hazard with high heels sticking in his sliding door tracks.  Why doesn't he address this design flaw in his products?  Or issue a warning?  Instead, he sues people who have improved on his product.

Safety First?  Not in this case.
We've also seen how this attitude transfers to other "A Players" and even sales people and installers.  Sherly Hai Ami is happy to put her customers at risk and violate ADA laws in order to save money.  Employees sell and Operations installs unsafe systems like this one. 

And don't even get me started on employee safety with regard to Human Resources and SPYING!

It's easy to see that this is a company that is dangerously neglectful in their safety policies and that has developed a very sad attitude toward their own employees and customers.  This attitude is easily traced back to the CEO, Doron Polus, and his eagerness to "play God" in areas he doesn't fully understand regarding both product and employee safety.  His reckless attitude toward safety regarding the disabled and even children demonstrates profoundly the profit-over-safety attitude his entire company has embraced.

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