Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cold Feet?

When it comes to giving testimony, The Sliding Door Company seems to be getting "cold feet".  I've actually lost track of how many times they have "objected" to giving testimony at a deposition.

Remember this blog post?  They had already cancelled twice back then.  

And now, facing a lawsuit, they have objected to being deposed at least two more times as of this writing.  

The risk of perjury may be part of the problem.  Nobody wants to risk a felony and possible jail time unnecessarily.  Additionally, employers who ask employees to lie in court are committing subornation perjury and are, in essence, committing perjury along with their employees.  

Justice carries a sword for a reason!
This is a sticky situation for The Sliding Door Company, in my opinion.  They have been in the habit of deceiving their customers and others for so long that they fell back on their habitual dishonesty to cover up illegal activities when I pointed them out.  Short of an explanation of why their commercial doors don't need to comply with ADA, and why their engineering documents don't match their products, I think they are pretty much screwed with regard to my case.  

And why not just delay as long as possible?  It is their right, right?  Well, as I mentioned in another blog, that could well be seen as "obstruction of justice".  

And, of course, I'll continue to blog about them... because we're only JUST getting started...  

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