Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sliding Door Company Video Documents Bad Installation

Here is one of The Sliding Door Company's YouTube Videos

The Sliding Door Company is very interested in making sales.  The above video is a promotional sales tool intended to show a typical sliding door installation.  Here's an image from the video:

Oh no... What happened here?  

I count five switch plates on this wall in the area that the sliding doors will cross (the installer is in front of one but it is visible in the video).  The one he is standing in front of is a light switch.  There are two switch plates that are to the left of his left arm.  On the bottom left is an outlet.  The installer even plugged his tools into it.  So if someone plugs something in there, it could be torn out of the wall if someone opens the door from the opposite side.  A comment to the video pointed this out.
"I noticed a power plug between the 02 doors, if someone opened the door from outside and a cable is plugged, this will cause an issue. "

Another person noticed the issue that we have already discussed on this blog - stepping over the track.
"You have to step over a track when walking into the next room or closet. Not good."
And ultimately - what did the customer end up with?  Two sliding doors that create a big black frame around five switch plates on a wall.  The customer can't even cover up the upper switch plates with a picture.  Have they added value to their home with this ridiculous sliding door installation?  You decide.

I understand that sometimes their installations might not go that well... but are those the ones you want to advertise in your promotional videos?  

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