Friday, March 25, 2016

CSI- Fraud Unit

CSI?  What's that?  Well, it's on the SpacePlus website:  CSI SPEC GUIDE

So what is CSI? It's the Construction Specifications Institute
CSI was founded in March 1948 by the specification writers of government agencies who came together to improve the quality of construction specifications. The Institute’s efforts were essential in improving construction specification quality so that it could meet the demands of the post-war construction boom. 
 OK, so these people produce specifications so that their members can improve the quality of construction in their products.  And it's a GOOD thing that the Sliding Door Company belongs to this organization.  They display their CSI Spec Guides for Sliding doors and Swing doors right on their website.  These guides describe what The Sliding Door Company is specifying for their products... Except that... they DON'T!

Let's have a look at the Sliding Doors Guide first.  Section 1.7 WARRANTY: 

"Manufacturer's warranty agreeing to repair or replace components used in interior installations, excluding glass, that fail in materials or workmanship within three years from date of substantial completion."
Hold on... why does this suggest they give a three year warranty?  The Sliding Door Company does NOT offer a three year warranty.  Why is this statement on their website?  This is repeated in the Swing Doors Guide as well.  So if they don't offer a three year warranty, why are they suggesting there is a three year warranty on their products?

OK, what else is in the CSI investigation.  Let's take a look at Section 2.2 - COMPONENTS.  We already know TSDC uses a "Proprietary Formula for Aluminum" but what are they saying on the CSI documents?
Material: Aluminum extrusions, 6061 alloy.
OK, so this specifies a specific aluminum alloy - 6061.  Hold on again... We already saw their engineering documents called out 6063.  Which is it?  And what's the difference


ConditionTensile Strength (PSI)Yield Strength (PSI)Shear Strength (PSI)Elongation in 2"Brinell Hardness
6061 Structural45,00040,00030,0001795
6063 Structural27,00021,00017,0001260

So, the 6061 Aluminum which the CSI believes The Sliding Door Company is using is almost TWICE as strong as the material they told their engineer they are using.  Hold on... If their engineering calculations were based on the weaker material (and they are) that would be a good thing, right?  Yes... but... Unfortunately, the ACTUAL material they use is the "proprietary formula aluminum" for which there is no engineering data available.

I think what we are seeing here is that The Sliding Door Company has no idea about what materials are going into their products nor do they understand the engineering and product testing that is necessary in order to produce a safe product.

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