Saturday, October 3, 2015

You had ONE job!

Taking accurate measurements has been difficult for The Sliding Door Company.  There are some very silly reasons for this that TSDC doesn't want to address.  Why should they care?  Once they have collected their money in advance, any bad measurements become the customer's problem. 

Let's have a look at some examples from our Complaints page:

Andy G.  Austin, TX  2/28/2010
Boxes containing doors state agreed upon size.  When contractor attempts to install doors they are 2 inches shorter in height than size requested.  This costs me an additional $350 with my contractor for him to have a special piece made and molding and his time.  
Jubilee C.  New York, NY  9/16/2011
I had 3 closets installed, so 6 measurements total, yet the SDC contract got 2 / 6 of the measurements incorrect by 1/4-1/2"
John W.   New York, NY   8/16/2010
Measurements were wrong (2 inches short), contractors were flaky, and they wanted to add misc charges here and there.  In the end the doors worked so I give that the 1 star but I will never do business or recommend them to any friends.  They really need a logistics guy to straighten this operation out and figure out why I'm the 2nd person to have the wrong meausrements [sic] on this site.  
Buzz N.  Del Mar, CA  4/7/2011
Their measurements were wrong. ... They sent the completed door here twice....both times they were the wrong size. 
Shane O. New York, NY 4/9/2011
They came out to measure to insure proper fit but after a three month wait time (to have them custom made), they still didn't fit properly when installed 
Jerry B.  Albany, NY  12/24/2011
Avoid the hassle. Our door arrived more than three months after it was ordered. When we finally got it, the door was so damaged that it did not fit into the track. It was also two inches shorter than the height we had ordered.  (We noticed that other reviewers had the same problem). This was all very disappointing. After numerous calls with different agents at the Sliding Door Company, they finally agreed to replace the door, but only after charging us another $215 in shipping. We've deal with a lot of suppliers, and these are among the worst. We will update this review if the problem is resolved. Until then, we can only urge people to avoid dealing with this company. 
    J P.   Marina del Rey, CA   3/29/2013
    The doors arrived late (from China) and on top of that were the wrong size. Customer service treated us as if it were our fault and initially did not want to compensate us for the inconvenience.  
    So what's really going on here - aside from the standard denial and rude treatment by The Sliding Door Company?  Is it really that difficult to measure a door opening? There are certainly tools available that can provide accurate measurements.  Other companies are able to produce doors for customers.  And what's with this "2 inches short" issue we keep hearing about?  It's even mentioned in a newspaper article here:
    "This year alone, he (Attorney Mark Gold) sued a Porsche Cars North America over a $3,222.84 bill and hammered the Sliding Door Company of Florida for delivering doors to his manor that were 78 inches tall — not 80 inches, as he'd requested." 

    So, The Sliding Door Company was even sued ("hammered") over this - in 2013.  

    At The Sliding Door Company, they have their own special way of doing things other people do the "normal" way all the time.  In this case, they have a special way of identifying the measurements of the height of an opening.  Considering how many problems they seem to have, I'm guessing their way of measuring may be "unique".

    The problem arises from the "terminology" they use.  They have two terms to describe the height of the system they are selling you.  One term is "Opening Height" and the other term is "System Height".  

    Sometimes, the "Opening Height" and the "System Height" are the same - for example when the system goes inside an opening (a closet for example). 

    Sometimes, the "System Height" can be different than the "Opening Height" - for example a "barn door" system is hung over the top of the opening.  That sort of makes sense, right?

    Then we have "Room dividers" - 

    Here is where the confusion comes in. The "System Height" includes a 2" wide aluminum "beam" at the top.  There really isn't an "Opening Height" but sales people list the same measurement as the "System Height". When the factory in China fills the order, they look at the "Opening Height" AND the fact that there is also a 2" beam factored in - and they make the doors 2" SHORT!

    Doors a little short?
    Mystery solved - except that NOBODY at The Sliding Door Company cares about this problem enough to retrain their sales people.  Customers faced with filling in the 2" gap somehow manage.  Occasionally, they will post a negative Yelp review, but typically they have no idea how often this happens at The Sliding Door Company.  This has been an issue for many years.  Yelp reviews report this going back to at least 2010.  An ethical company would have addressed this issue by now - and ensured future customers wouldn't have this problem.  Instead "Customer service treated us as if it were our fault "

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