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Sliding Door Company - Glass Cleaning Instructions

There seem to be many complaints about the "frosted" glass from The Sliding Door Company.

"The frosted side of the glass is difficult (impossible) to clean and shows through on the smooth side."
"The glass coating or etching came away in several spots to leave very obvious smears that look dirty.  I have sent photos and left voice messages.  I get a call back and they send me a cleaner.  I keep telling them it's not a cleaning issue.  Now the warranty is expired.  Never has anyone come out to look and assess.  My last call they told me that the only thing they could do was send me an acetone kit because the warranty is spite of a paper trail of emails going back to a month after install.  They refuse to honor the warranty.  I have never rec'd the acetone kit.  Ridiculous.  These doors were not inexpensive.  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!"
"Glass would often arrive defective or stained."
"The "frost" on the door is very cheap and is more of a high-end stick on frost rather than it being ingrained in the glass.  The frost starts to fade away and turn black in spots -- especially if it is exposed to water or the wrong cleaner.  They have, to their credit, twice come back to "fix" the problem, and it is much better, but not perfect and I don't know how long it will last.  We have another frosted (non-sliding) door in our house (it came with our house when we purchased it) and the quality of the two doors are night and day -- the poor quality door being the Sliding Door Co. door.  "
  • "I ordered a frosted pocket door for my bathroom. I got an extra tall one and it was fairly pricey. I dealt with Jose Vega through the process who was aware which room I was ordering the door from. At no point was I told that the sliding door company's frosted doors are just an effect that is applied to the surface , very very cheaply done. Every single time a drop of water gets on it, it takes the frosting off. I have spots covering the brand new door. When I reached out, Jose did not respond to me.  Another person replied and said  to use the glass cleaner they provide which explicitly states in its directions to NOT use on the frosted side of doors.  I have followed up multiple times with Jose and received absolutely no response. As soon as the sale was done, I was no longer important to the company.  A year before I ordered 7K worth of closet doors from them as well and will most likely have additional projects in the future so this is a very short term way of thinking.  I am really surprised at the low quality for the price and the total lack of solutions offered and customer service. "
It's their "most popular glass".
"Frosted is our most popular glass and is perfect for every use. It allows light to enter, but visibility is blurred for objects more than 6 inches away from the glass, and only bright colors will be apparent."
They claim here that it is "perfect for every use"... So... 

You bought your frosted doors.  You expect them to look wonderful.  
And yet, you notice something seeping from the edges of the glass. What is that?  The article linked below describes this issue and the causes.

Seal Failure!
Do your current windows have that streaky frosted appearance that, no matter how much you scrub at them, will not go away?
Like this:
It’s called a seal failure and it occurs when the sealant, a fast-dry adhesive, between two panes of glass breaks-down and allows moisture to seep into the airspace.
You might be wondering how this happened…
The external environment, low quality sealants, and poor window design, over time puts pressure on the panes of glass that can eventually cause the seal to break.  However, all window manufacturers are required to test the product against changes in temperature and air pressure to prevent the seal from breaking.
So assuming the window passed initial inspection, how did it result in seal failure? 
Over time sealant are subjected to repeated extreme conditions that cause it to break down.  Trapped water, heat, cold and air pressure are a few of the culprits. 

Your closet doors are on their way!
OK, that makes sense.  TSDC doors are "on the water" in shipping containers for months.  They ALL come from China and it takes 10 weeks.  If that container happened to be in the sun, that could be pretty "extreme."  Could TSDC inspect the doors when they arrive?  Sure, but then what?  Tell the customer they have to wait another three months for a replacement - that may or may not have the same problem?  

Besides, we have learned from Sheryl Hai-Ami in her response to customer complaints that shipments aren't inspected when they arrive from China and that it's even common for items to be missing from the containers.  

It would make sense that The Sliding Door Company could change the way *their* factory produces the doors - maybe ask them to use a different sealant?  But this isn't possible, apparently, as they have tried this for years.  So, what have they done?

When you ask The Sliding Door Company for help, their customer service representative tells you your glass needs cleaning - hoping you will go away.  

This is a known problem at The Sliding Door Company - and something their factory will not address adequately.  The known problem is called "seal failure" and is (as with the blemished ramps), ignored because their own factory is more profitable when they don't address these issues adequately. The fact that NO quality control procedures are in place and that "Glass Cleaning Instructions" are sought by end users suggests this problem will continue.

The Sliding Door Company's faceless customer service department has provided customers with glass cleaner, acetone and excuses.    

The Sliding Door Company received another recent complimentary review that describes exactly the same problem.  They STILL haven't addressed this known issue and are STILL suggesting "glass cleaner" as a solution.  This poor customer expects that the glass cleaner will work.
Clark K.La Mesa, United States 25/3/2016
I had these doors installed for seven different openings in my home, which was quite an investment.  I've enjoyed them greatly for years, though I recently had some issues with a couple of cracked track guides/wheels as well as the gas within the panes leaking onto the inside at the borders of the doors, giving the appearance of the frosted look etching away (apparently this is a problem with the sealing tape rather than the gaskets).  After a lengthy setup time to have a service person come by the house, I was very impressed with Justin who addressed all of the issues and left me with a bottle of glass cleaner to address the symptom of the slow-leak gasket/tape problem.  He was very friendly, professional, efficient, and helpful in resolving all of the doors' issues.  Overall I like the product and greatly appreciate Justin's help.


claude andre said...

I reached out to the Sliding Door Company earlier this week as I was concerned about cleaning the frosted glass. I had searched the Web last weekend looking for instructions and came upon this site / blog about people complaining how impossible it is to clean The Sliding Door Company’s frosted glass.

I followed the simple instructions provided the Company. I used a 4 part water to 1 part Windex solution in a spray bottle. I used the solution sparingly and cleaned the windows using a microfiber cloth (cheap stuff from the hardware store). I used gentle pressure on the frosted side to avoid creating any lint. The clear and frosted glass came out perfectly clean with no streaks or smudges at my first attempt.

I hope this helps.

Pete said...

Thank you so much for your comment...
It will help readers understand how sensitive the frosted glass is. 4 parts water to 1 part Windex is VERY diluted. We're talking about a sliding door, not a TV screen, right?

Also, readers should know you're talking about just cleaning the glass - not the oily chemical residue which this blog post discusses. That residue seeps out of the gaskets and requires a different solution. I've heard they recommend acetone to clean that - but then that removes the frosting - according to some reports on our complaints page.

Naeem said...

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