Sunday, September 13, 2015

Epic Fail - HR Nightmare

We will certainly be discussing The Sliding Door Company's HR Departmant soon, but for the time being...

This is an article about a Human Resources nightmare.  An inept human resources department can cripple a company.  From the article:

"Does the HR department of one of the world’s largest financial institutions even realize that a botched review processes can lead to employee turnover, low morale and potential legal trouble? Do they understand the harm that can be done to their brand if a story like this gets out?"

"CONSIDER THIS A WAKE UP ALL FOR CALL HR FOLKS! You say you WANT to be respected as decisive, strategic and added-value but to do so you must realize that you do not work for the executives — you work for the company. HR nightmares like this happen ALL the time in corporate America. HR simply must adhere to the processes that are put in place. HR must advocate for employees. HR people must be strong and have the b***s to stand up to the powers that be. The lives and careers of employees depend on this!"

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