Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beware of Impostors!

Beware of Impostors... 

This is not the blog of The Sliding Door Company...

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations INSIST on the real thing!

Speaking of which...
Engineered and tested structural bracket by Simpson

This is a Simpson Strong Tie A23 Bracket.  Notice the logo right on the part?  This bracket has been tested by Simpson.  They went through the expense of designing and engineering this bracket to withstand structural and seismic forces.  It costs about $.71 cents to purchase.  However, The Sliding Door Company has a factory in China... so why spend $.71 cents to purchase a part that has been developed and tested by a company with integrity?  Why not make it themselves?  They do!  In order to save about $.30 cents per bracket, they use a knock-off bracket that they make in China - one made with different, untested materials, with no engineering data to support its strength.  Here's the knock-off bracket by the TSDC factory in China:

Knock-off bracket by The Sliding Door Company

Except for the Simpson logo, it looks identical.  Inspectors may even be fooled when they see these on job sites.  Again, NO ENGINEERING has been done on this bracket which supports structural elements in The Sliding Door Company and SpacePlus product installations.  This is, as one might expect, only the tip of the iceberg.  In future blogs, we will explore several product designs TSDC appears to have borrowed from other manufacturers.

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