The "A Players"

Here's a link to the SpacePlus page that lists some of the characters on our blog:  This is a "family-run" business.  Insiders have described this environment as "La Familia".  

Doron Polus: CEO

"Doron’s mission continues to include hiring and retaining “A Players” whose dedication & expertise add value to each and every project by delivering what the client requires.  People, product & processes are the foundation of the way Doron works."

Sheryl and Doron

Sheryl Hai-Ami: Once President of SpacePlus - now demoted to Administration Officer

Space Plus
"Her mission is to create & sustain an energized, performance-based culture where every team member has regular feedback, coaching & mentoring….all geared towards achieving goals."  "The passion Sheryl exudes about the team, the company & the product line is evident in every conversation.  She has an active listener as a business partner who incorporates new design elements as they are demanded from the field with the shortest lead time in the industry."

Sheryl is married to Doron
Known Aliases: Alexsandra C.

Robert Delia: Operations Manager: (King of the Minions - future President of TSDC if he has his way... shhhh....)
"His focus on realigning departmental responsibilities across boundaries so that the team can be more responsive to client requirements continues to be effective. Bob is caring about the customer needs and at the same time very methodical about being accurate and accountable."

Bob crossing the boundaries

Ron Jacobs: President SDO
"Ron is a strategic visionary who is equally focused at the helm as he is “leading by example,” mentoring and developing talent.  Often sought for entrepreneurial counsel and inspiration, hallmarks of Ron’s leadership include measured growth and realization of short and long term objectives."

Ron has been with "La Familia" for 30 years.

Ron and Betty Jacobs

Eyal Salpeter: IT Manager
Eyal is The Sliding Door Company's unbelievable IT manager
Spying in the Office - The Walls Have Ears!

Eyal married into "La Familia" and is Doron's son-in-law and his ears for the company.

The Walls Have Ears

Kimberly Antillion: Human Resources Manager (currently AWOL)

Kimberly is who you come to if you have a problem with "La Familia".
Can Employees Trust Human Resources

It kinda works like this:
Sue: People go to a psychiatrist to talk about their problems. She just needed to unload them. You know, bring them out in the open.
"Crocodile" Dundee: Hasn't she got any mates?
Sue: You're right. I guess we could all use more mates. I suppose you don't have any shrinks at Walkabout Creek.
"Crocodile" Dundee: Nah - - back there, if you got a problem, you tell Wally. And he tells everyone in town... brings it out in the open... no more problem.

More "A Players" will be added to this list, of course.

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