COMPLAINTS (Updated regularly - Unfortunately)

Welcome to the Reviews/ Complaints page. This is a page where we are storing reviews from all over The Sliding Door Company, their affiliates and their commercial division, Space Plus.  There will be individual blogs about many of the complaints these customer/victims have reported, but for the time being - here's a good place to get a general idea of what can, and often does, go wrong when you set normal expectations of The Sliding Door Company.

I like to show my work - so I will always link to the page where I have collected the reviews that follow.  Many customers were treated like they were a nuisance.  You can, of course, see reviews from happier customers there too.  In case you're in a hurry, I've highlighted some of the themes that reoccur frequently in these reviews.

On rare occasions, we get a response from The Sliding Door Company. As we move forward with the reviews, see if you feel their responses confirm what the customers are complaining about, that they are either clueless about the problems, or simply unwilling to take any action to correct them.  Check back here regularly as new complaints seem to be popping up every week.  Also, occasionally, we will see a 5-Star review from one of TSDC's employees... helping to boost TSDC's rating, apparently.  It's basically fraudulent to do this but what would you expect from The Sliding Door Company?

Because they are so much fun to read, and to make them easier to find, I will highlight responses from TSDC representatives in RED.  Notice: Responses to several YELP and other reviews attributed to Sheryl Hai Ami have SINCE been altered on YELP to suggest that someone else (Alexsandra C) made those responses.  This further demonstrates the dishonest representations made by The Sliding Door Company... not to mention how reactive they are to THIS blog!  

Meanwhile Sheryl Hai Ami has apparently been demoted from President of Space Plus... according to this page which now states her title as "Administration Officer" instead of "President" as it did before.  

Don't forget to check out the bottom of this page to see employee reviews of this company.

Apartment Therapy

These are older reviews that point out some of the growing pains The Sliding Door Company went through.  They also demonstrate that The Sliding Door Company has had NINE YEARS to get their act together - yet the complaints from 2015 (elsewhere on this page) are the same.

Robert S.    San Diego, CA    4/30/2015
What a Great Looking Product... And that is where the story ends.  Service?  Nope, they are possibly the worst vendor possible.  Once they close the sale, they forget your name. 
We installed one large double-double slider, two barn doors and two pass through regular swing glass and aluminium doors.  
These products are now only three years old.  The rollers continue to fall off of the barn doors and I have to re-install them (no service), and we have finally gotten to the point that we locked three of the four sliding doors from moving with just one door sliding.  Why you ask?  Well its easier to repair the same door time and time again and not have all of the others with wheels falling off.  We are just practical and have learned how to repair the wheels and put them back in place. 
Recently the latch\locking mechanism and handle failed on one of the swing doors.. Well we could not fix that one, so we call service.  They require a check for $220 to be sent before they would even schedule.  Ok, a bit much, but ok.  Send the  "Oh yea, we have the check would you like to schedule?"  Well YES thank you.  Two more weeks and the day arrives, "The Sliding Door Company" repair tech arrives.. "Ah well I don't have the part" and as he departs, we get another schedule date for two more weeks..  
Well one would postulate the $220 might have been for the entire latching system and they would have brought it with them.. Its not like I've not paid in advance.  
Bottom line:  Beautiful product, great if you don't expect it to move very well, or repeatedly.  Never buy if you think you might need service or support.
Lets Thank the crew at the San Diego Store who I called after the Los Angeles office sent me to Voice Mail.  San Diego gets an honorable mention for politely taking down my information and "sending an email to customer support"  As if I missed that in the process.  
My Contractor is also tired of hearing about the doors so they won't be using this product anymore as well.    Buyer Beware, Looks sleek and awesome, but It'll let you down.
Jennifer G.      Los Angeles, CA   10/21/2014
I just got off the phone with Tina. She was the rudest, most unprofessional  person I've encountered in a long time. Anyway I called to get an estimate and she said in a very annoyed tone, "well what is your budget". I told her I didn't really have one but I just needed to get these doors replaced ASAP and I had no idea how much these things cost. She gave me a rough estimate and I said "wow that's more than I thought it would be". I then told her I could take pictures of the existing doors and email it to her with measurements for a more solid estimate, and, I'm not kidding, her response was "don't bother. I don't want to waste my time doing an estimate for you if you can't afford them". I was shocked. I said "who said I couldn't afford them??"  She said "well you said how expensive they were so I don't think there's any point drawing up an estimate". I said "don't worry because I don't want to give you the business anyway". The worst part for the owner of this company is that I hate to shop around and haggle over money. I'm in the middle of remodeling my house and I just wanted to do the doors and be done...I would have given them any price they quoted me! Too bad for them. They just lost $4000 worth of business all because of a rude, lazy employee.
Jay P.   Brentwood, CA    7/2/2014
They insisted on 50% payment up front with a *10* week lead time, which did not please us. Then, when we needed service, they refused to help us. The service attitude is imperious. Also, the doors are far overpriced for the quality of the materials. Avoid.
J P.   Marina del Rey, CA   3/29/2013
I am surprised by these high ratings.  The doors arrived late (from China) and on top of that were the wrong size.  Customer service treated us as if it were our fault and initially did not want to compensate us for the inconvenience.  In the end, we canceled our order.
Comment from Sheryl H. of The Sliding Door Company Business Manager 4/2/2013  
We are familiar with this, and did everything we could to resolve the complaint fairly.  We were in contact throughout the process with the contractor and the client.  We felt terrible that we couldn't come to an agreement, so we refunded the customer in full.  We were not trying to place blame for the mistake in manufacturing - this is why we were willing to offer a full refund.  We care very much for our customers' satisfaction - they are the reason we are here. 

Yes, Sheryl, your customers are the reason this blog is here too.

As it turns out, Sheryl is very satisfied - and supplied her own Yelp review below: 

  • Sheryl H.
  • Agoura Hills, CA (President of Space Plus division of TSDC and married to CEO, Doron Polus)

  • 7/15/2013
 I work in one of the showrooms and we are supported by the corporate office in Chatsworth.  One of my customers needed to pick up his doors a week earlier than was originally agreed when the order was placed. He was driving all the way from Santa Barbara and I really wanted to accommodate him with world class service. So, I called our warehouse, spoke with the manager and he made it happen! I love working for a company who stands behind me when I sell and want to support my client's special circumstances so that their whole project can be successful.  So, the glass doors with aluminum frames were picked up and the project is on track! Thanks Sliding Door Company!

Well, if you're going to thank your own company, ON YELP, it might be considered a conflict of interest to give yourself 5-Stars Sheryl.  And let's be clear here - you came on here to give TSDC 5 Stars for DOING THEIR JOB!  You got the support you wanted from your company because... well, it's YOUR COMPANY!  Clearly, your typical sales person doesn't have that kind of influence over your warehouse manager - as evidenced by the many complaints of poor customer service... but hey, Yelp is all about YOUR experience isn't it?  

New York 
  • New York, NY
I ordered a frosted pocket door for my bathroom. I got an extra tall one and it was fairly pricey. I dealt with Jose Vega through the process who was aware which room I was ordering the door from. At no point was I told that the sliding door company's frosted doors are just an effect that is applied to the surface , very very cheaply done. Every single time a drop of water gets on it, it takes the frosting off. I have spots covering the brand new door. When I reached out, Jose did not respond to me.  Another person replied and said  to use the glass cleaner they provide which explicitly states in its directions to NOT use on the frosted side of doors.  I have followed up multiple times with Jose and received absolutely no response. As soon as the sale was done, I was no longer important to the company.  A year before I ordered 7K worth of closet doors from them as well and will most likely have additional projects in the future so this is a very short term way of thinking.  I am really surprised at the low quality for the price and the total lack of solutions offered and customer service. 

Hanna Y.  Midland Beach, Staten Island, United States     8/12/2016
Super shady company. Run for the hills!!! After a horrible experience with Joe the sleazy salesperson, Dahlia the "customer service manager" stepped in to assist. What a joke! She promised to assist l; however, that never happened.  Save yourself the headache. This company hires fly by night scammers whose only goal is to scam you out of money & it is evident that Ethics and integrity means nothing to this business.
K E. Brooklyn, NY  


Order 2 doors and patiently waited 10-12 weeks for it.  They first deliver one door of the wrong color.  Both doors were suppose to be the same color.  They forgot the valance BUT the biggest problem was they gave us the wrong wheel track for the pocket door.  We didn't realize this until after the pocket door was installed and closed the wall pocket.  We had to struggle through this and had to open multiple wholes in the sheet rock to try to replace the wheel so that the door would open the full 32".  Their quality control is very poor.  Further, they are just door manufacturers and do not really take an interest in helping you solve your problems relating to the installation.  In fact, they drop off the door and won't take any of your contractor's questions.  If you do buy a door through them, probably best to fork up the extra money on top and get one of their installers to do it.  At least then it is harder for them to just drop the door and go.
Comment from Betty J. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Owner  2/4/2016 
Hi K E.We are sorry you didn't have a pleasant experience, I can assure you that we are constantly making key changes to ensure our customers have a smooth & seamless experience. Unfortunately, a few mistakes slipped through the cracks such as the errors you have listed above. We apologize for any miscommunication or mix up on our end, we do not like to think of ourselves as just door manufacturers. Our warehouse manager did his best to correct these mistakes and offered your contractor any necessary information regarding the wheels & pocket door installation. We appreciate your honest feedback, please feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss your situation further. 
Viktoria G.  New York, NY  1/14/2016
After exhaustive documentation and communication we are reaching a resolution. Hurray. I am still waiting for a notarized Waiver and Release for having paid them in full months ago. I hold out hope that I will receive this necessary legal document from them and their installer's, Highline Design Corp, ASAP. Highline Design Corp has been much less cooperative in resolving the issues connected to this door installation than TSDC has. I look forward to a full resolution. I will keep you posted.  
In looking at the comments, it appears Viktoria G has been waiting since October, 2015 for a solution. 
          H N.  Bayside, NY  5/15/2014 Updated review
Check the company emails from 2012. I ended up getting a door and paying 1800 more just because my wife and I never felt so insulted. I walked by the store recently and it bugged me so much just seeing the store. Both 2 girls and the one guy was on the email thread. To be fair, It's been a while so maybe those folks have left the company since then. I didn't want to step in and find out. 

I have since spoken with the owner of the store and the employees at issue are no longer with the company. She assured me that such actions are not tolerated.
5/9/2014  Previous review
went in the store to look at a sliding door partition. I spent 20 minutes looking at the various doors. I asked the sales girl how much force is needed before a door breaks. This is a real concern since I have a dog and kids that run and kick. The girl was annoyed and sent an email to her male coworker and other female coworker and said "why are these people still here". The other worker replied "you should just make something up, not like they would know, like 200lbs of force" she then replied to his email and said "stupid  *racist comment* couple". 

I was about to sign the $5200 contract  and hand the form but as I stood by her desk to give it to her,  she left her Microsoft outlook open and I read the whole email chain. If the manager or owner is reading this, fire these employees.  
The employees just want to close a sale and will lie to you. I'm an engineer so YES I DO KNOW WHAT FORCE IS! Also they are racist.  That is uncalled for. A customer spending 20 minutes in a store to make a 5200 dollar purchase is very reasonable. Sorry if you have to work at your job for a full 20 minutes to make a 5200 dollar sale. Seriously.
If you are a minority go elsewhere and boycott the store. 

Comment from Betty J. of The Sliding Door Company Business
Owner 5/15/2014  
After extensively reviewing this storyline, reviewing all of our employees' emails, videos and meeting with each individually, as the showroom manager at the Sliding Door Company, I can affirm that this scenario never took place.
Did Betty just claim they videotape customers in their showroom? And this reviewer, H.N. just came on here TWICE and made this up?  And she that has video evidence?  Notice how easily she is able to check employee emails?  We will talk about this later in a blog about spying on employees... but let's move forward here.  
Our company is composed of employees from many different backgrounds and not one of us would use defamatory words on any minority whatsoever.
No offense, Betty, but you're in absolutely no position to know that for sure - let alone to state this here unequivocally.  
We are very distressed to hear such rumors spread and can assure you that if any of the employees were to talk this way, their job would be terminated immediately. 
No, we get it Betty.  No racism going on here.  This pesky *racist comment* reviewer is just lying through his teeth.
Furthermore, we are asked about the amount of force the doors can handle on a daily basis; and are happy to bang on the doors to show the customers how resistant they are.
Then you must also understand that 90% of the "force" questions you get are about the operational force required to move the doors.  Banging on them doesn't answer the question.  And no, making up a number to satisfy a customer is not OK - it makes you appear dishonest.
This review is nothing short of a lie and I invite the anonymous reviewer to meet with me in the showroom to discuss further as this is a very serious accusation.
Wow - after two reviews, you want this person to invest even more time with you?  Why?  You've already come on-line and called him a liar after your employees possibly made racist comments about him.  He's NOT anonymous - you can click right on his initials and see his Yelp profile. The man (I have assumed this is a man) has reviewed other establishments - restaurants and such.  Some he gave bad reviews, others good reviews. To claim this person is "anonymous" is a stretch and, again, makes you look dishonest.  Why not take responsibility and apologize instead of trying to make this person out to be a liar?  YOU don't *really* know what was said since you weren't the one being accused of saying it... right Betty? 
George L.  New York, NY  5/1/2014
Simply horrible. I searched Angie's list and Yelp and tried to cross reference and determined to give this company a try. I followed exactly the instruction as their website to send in the quote request. Waited two days to get a simple sentence saying "we could give you a quote" but there was no quote. I then asked when I might be able to get a quote, and followed up two times afterwards. Could not get any further follow up. I also have tried to call three time, but nobody ever responded. If the company does not care about business even initially (the stage trying to get business), I would not believe they would do well once they acquired the business. Stay away from this company. 
  • Daniel R.  Marina del Rey, CA  7/13/2012
We ordered 5 doors for a condo renovation. One arrived broken and we managed to get the Sliding Door Co to replace it. When the floor plan changed we asked to exchange 2 doors for a different size and the company said 'NO.' The doors were in the package and had not yet been opened. That was disappointing. We discovered another door we received was also broken with the carton undamaged. The company said it was too late to notify them and would not replace the door.  The frosted side of the glass is difficult (impossible) to clean and shows through on the smooth side.
Perhaps the most troubling matter was the specs. The installation instructions had the contractor install the pocket door in a way that altered the reveal of the door making it uneven on the top and one side. The contractor had to rip out the framing and start over after the furniture arrive. When we pointed this out to the company they agreed it was questionable but said that's the way they wrote it. It made no sense.
Overall, Sliding Door was difficult to deal with after the sale. In the end we used only 2 doors and we would not order from them again. I reluctantly gave one star rating because there is nothing lower.
Comment from Betty J. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Owner 5/19/2014  
We are sorry you didn't have a pleasant experience and respect your decision of posting your experience. However, The Sliding Door Company in California is a completely different company. We do not share the same management nor do we share the same employees.
Betty Jacobs is related to Ron Jacobs - whose name appears on our "A Players" page and is listed on the Sliding Door Company/SpacePlus website.  Same company, and Ron is president of an "affiliate" which means they get to have their own managers.  They use the same resources and product development.  Her "Not our circus - not our monkeys" comment is ridiculous.
We would greatly appreciate if you would remove this posting and share your experience on their respective Yelp page as we have undergone personnel changes and implemented new policies to ensure an excellent customer service experience for each of our clients.Thank you, 
Bad reviews hurt the entire company Betty.  Are you suggesting your side of the company has excellent customer service and that this review from California is out of character with the other reviews before and after it on this page?
BTW - You know what the reviewer is talking about regarding the cleaning of the frosted glass, right?  Are you suggesting you didn't experience EXACTLY that problem with the products your division sold?  Other customers have been experiencing this problem for quite some time.  I will cover frosted glass stains and the reason they are there in a separate blog. 
Simona G.  Forest Hills, NY  2/9/2010
One star for their product, the rest is for their preferred installers.Utter lack of professionalism.  Although, who am I kidding, they are a contracting corp, and those people are usually slime-balls.   During the construction they paid the super under the table to dispose of the garbage, which is a "standard" procedure, although illegal.  However, somehow our building management company found out, and help US liable, even though we as tenant, never paid the super or asked the builders to do so.  I tried contacting Sivan Chapman and her husband Josh, who is the owner of the corp., but they eventually completely disappeared and refused to be blamed for anything.  
As a real estate professional, I will NOT be recommending the services of this company, furthermore, I discourage ANYONE from doing any business with these people.  If you do, make sure you add provisions into your contract and have everything (and I do mean everything) in writing.
Bottom line:  FIND ANOTHER COMPANY TO WORK WITH.  SAVE your money and nerves. 
Frances K.  Manhattan, NY  8/12/2015
Emailed an inquiry with measurements and a rough description of what I wanted to have done (basically redo all the doors in my apt) and received a short response the next day asking the material of the doors and then no follow up when I asked further questions. Sent another email and was ignored again. Very disappointing customer service. 
Jerry B.  Albany, NY  12/24/2011
Avoid the hassle. Our door arrived more than three months after it was ordered. When we finally got it, the door was so damaged that it did not fit into the track. It was also two inches shorter than the height we had ordered.  (We noticed that other reviewers had the same problem). This was all very disappointing. After numerous calls with different agents at the Sliding Door Company, they finally agreed to replace the door, but only after charging us another $215 in shipping. We've deal with a lot of suppliers, and these are among the worst. We will update this review if the problem is resolved. Until then, we can only urge people to avoid dealing with this company.
A R.  New York, NY  12/9/2008  First to Review
Customer service is NOT their strong suit.
After placing an order, and having it come in literally days before the deadline, (8-12 weeks) I was not pleased with the lack of communication regarding my order.
Nor was I satisfied with the end result. 
The order was placed incorrectly, leaving me an unhappy customer with a product different than what was expected.
Efforts to fix the problem were met with less than stellar result, with no accountability. (Passing responsibility to third party is NOT a solution.)
For anyone considering their products; I strongly recommend you INSIST on fully illustrated specs before signing the dotted line.
Linda M.  Pittsburgh, PA  10/28/2010
Buyer Beware. 
We purchased a door unit from this Sliding Door location in late August.  It was delivered to our new house which is undergoing major renovation where it sat in the basement until today.
When the contractor opened the box one of the glass panels had a very large scratch.  The company refuses to help us in any way, either for replacement or repair help.  They state a 48 hour policy for problems with merchandise.  One replacement panel $854.  
I wish I had read the Yelp reviews before dealing with these bozos.  I agree that they are utterly unprofessional. 
Shane O.  New York, NY 4/9/2011
  • Agree with all the reviews I've read.  Customer service is not their thing.  They came out to measure to insure proper fit but after a three month wait time (to have them custom made), they still didn't fit properly when installed.  If that wasn't bad enough, they didn't even bring two of the same handles (nor did they install them straight).   After several calls to get the right handles (or at least handles that matched) it still took three weeks to coordinate this minor item to be fixed.  Overall, the doors look good but definitely can tell they are not even and for the price of the doors and the installation, I highly suggest you shop elsewhere.
Andy G.  Austin, TX  2/28/2010
Flat out got screwed.  Measured for custom doors and gave said measurements in person to the salesman.  Receipt states said size.  Doors arrive 2 weeks later than the max due date (which messed up things with my contractor).  Boxes containing doors state agreed upon size.  When contractor attempts to install doors they are 2 inches shorter in height than size requested.  This costs me an additional $350 with my contractor for him to have a special piece made and molding and his time.  Since they are "custom" I am offered no recourse.  The doors are beautiful but stay away.
Jubilee C.  New York, NY  9/16/2011
I recently ordered closet doors from SDC and had them installed by Highline, their preferred installer, and am happy all-around.  However, I would give a cautious recommendation of SDC at best because of their business practices and issues they create:1. Lack of customer care: They were friendly and seemed helpful, but in hindsight, I see that they withheld important information (leaving some of it in the contract fine print), which gave me the impression that they are all about selling you the product and Highline services, and little more.  For one, a successful installation depends on the condition of the closet opening, which means there is real work for you to do AHEAD of the install, but they never tell you this. If you, like me, decide to hire Highline (or someone else) to do install only, you should remove any existing doors, tracks etc. (this can uncover hidden issues) and have someone who knows what they're doing take a good look at the opening ahead of the install so you can rectify any issues beforehand. Highline are installers ONLY, they take your home "as-is," so if your closet is super-wonky, they won't refuse to install the doors because they will look bad, they will install them anyway and leave you with super-wonky doors.  I do not mean to disparage the Highline workers themselves, Luis, who installed our doors, did a great job.2. SDC & Highline: SDC recommends you use Highline and a Highline employee will email you their contract. Would you ever sign a contract with tons of fine print promising to pay hundreds of $$ to a company you've had ZERO contact with?? Most people probably assume SDC = Highline, but they are separate entities. Likewise, if you have an issue with Highline installation, the only people you've been talking with, i.e., SDC, cannot help you, and vice versa.3. Mistakes in contract:  I had 3 closets installed, so 6 measurements total, yet the SDC contract got 2 / 6 of the measurements incorrect by 1/4-1/2". This is sloppy to say the least but how many people would've caught this? Both the SDC contract & CC authorization didn't reflect the $100 deposit I made, so I wrote it in myself. The sales rep said that it was "known" that I had made a deposit, but I thought it more than likely that I would've gotten charged the extra $100 (extra headache) had I not made the corrections.Despite these issues, I do not regret having gone with SDC and Highline. My husband and I are super-happy with these beautiful doors that make our place higher-end whereas our old doors cheapened our home. But time will truly tell how durable these doors and the installation are. I had seen the Yelp reviews before placing my order and was really nervous about the end-result. I would've rather paid a little more to not deal with the stress, but frankly, I could not find a single competitor within SDC's quality/price point, after having searched for a YEAR before signing up with SDC.  $1K per set of closet doors sounds like an awful lot of money but I found that SDC products were priced very competitively for NYC.  Other local glass companies & contractors quoted me the same or higher for lower quality or specs I liked less.  The closest thing I could find was a commercial glass supplier with a better product, but for $2500-3000 per closet! Based on our experience, I would recommend SDC/Highline, but only if you are willing to double/triple-check everything and noting the issues I mentioned above. 
One i.   Brooklyn, NY   4/21/2011
Despite having read the negative reviews here I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went to this store expecting to find cheap but standard quality sliding doors. Was not cheap, door quality was poor and once I got to the store and talked to some sales ppl, I could see all these negative reviews being true. They seemed to only care about their commission. Was comparing with Raydoor but then found out about Raumplus and went with them. 
John W.   New York, NY   8/16/2010
I like the doors but these people at this location are really inept.  Measurements were wrong (2 inches short), contractors were flaky, and they wanted to add misc charges here and there.  In the end the doors worked so I give that the 1 star but I will never do business or recommend them to any friends.  They really need a logistics guy to straighten this operation out and figure out why I'm the 2nd person to have the wrong meausrements on this site.  My sales guy never even tried to call me to fix the situation....only in the beginning to sell me the system.  Really short sighted business people. 
I haven't been keeping track, but the "2 inches short" problem has been reported here more than twice (this review was from 2010).  This is a CONSTANT problem at TSDC and is due to the goofy way they describe their "System Size" on their measurement forms.  It's a problem the fixing of which requires re-training of "seasoned" sales people - so it is likely to continue.  As an exercise, see how many reviews talk about the doors being exactly two inches too short.  If it was just bad measuring, it wouldn't always be off by the same amount!  It's bad company practices that have caused so many customer complaints - not to mention the costs the customers incurred to have the problems fixed.
Meera S.   Chevy Chase, MD   12/27/2012
Decent but expensive product, TERRIBLE TERRIBLE customer service. I dont think I will use them ever again --nor would I recommed them to anyone else.
The sales experience was great. I ordered 12-14 doors. After that everything went south. The doors arrived late --and the order was wrong. Some were the wrong color, others had missing latches etc. The replacement order took nearly six months. And when it arrived, it was wrong again! The installation company (Roger McGraw, recommended by DCSD) was somewhat apologetic but ALWAYS late. About ten missed/delayed/or incomplete appointments later, the job is still unfinished. My time has no value for them --each time they missed and appointment or cancelled last minute, I had to take time off from work to wait for them. Not once did DCSD folks call to ask what was going on --and if my contractor or I called/emailed they did not bother respond until they were reminded repeatedly. And when they were reminded of the missing latches, they asked me to pay extra --IN ADVANCE! When I finally got in touch with them again, they offered to refund me about 230$ for all the inconvenience!! 
Overall, a shockingly poor experience. FUTURE BUYERS BEWARE.
lisa l.  Manhattan, NY  9/11/2011
I was looking for a solution to divide my cluttered NY apt the salesperson rona was over bearing loud obnoxious and once she had my deposit i  never heard from her again..When i received the incorrect order after 12 weeks the customer service Manager Tyesha was sooo rude sarcastic and acted as if i was bothering her, she spoke to me as if i hadnt paid 4000 for an order . My experience with Sliding door company was horrible they should train their customer service how to speak to people how can this person be a manager an be allowed to be rude to order was fixed in the end thanks to the help of aron tyesha was disgusting an not helpful so ifyou need help with anything at the sliding door company skip her an ask for aron.
Craig R.  Brooklyn, NY  5/28/2011
The other reviewers said it all. I won't be doing business with them again. Terrible customer service - warehouse staff was rude and inept. Salesperson was a slickster and only interested in commission as he didn't keep his word. Don't fall for the look and fancy brochures. Find another company to do business with. BUYER BEWARE!!! 
Fiona H.  Manhattan, NY  5/25/2011
Agree with all the reviews I've read. To say the least -  customer service is not their thing - In fact they have horrible costumer service that does not live up to the standards of their expensive prices - this is infuriating since their product is not cheap at all.Before placing the order they were nice and responsive. However after we paid the full amount they were nowhere to be found, and would not return any of our phone calls. They managed to be very rude even before the installation. On a Friday, one business day before the installation (scheduled on Mon), they tried to reach us on the phone to charge the 2nd half of the doors (be warned you must pay the 2nd half before you even get the doors, something they don't really tell you when you place the order), but we weren't available that day. That night we found a message on our machine from 5:27pm to let us know that they will be in the office until 5:30 to collect the money, and if we failed to pay on time they would cancel the installation and would charge us cancellation fees. To remind you - this is just because they were unable to reach us on the phone, which they only tried on the very last day- not because we refused to pay.  Luckily the installer, who is an independent contractor that works for them, called and reached me over the weekend (an unusual courtesy call, he said) and we were able to avoid any delays.  We called Monday twice to speak with the manager to complain, but the manager wasn't available; the customer service representative said they would leave a message for the manager to call back, but we never received a call.
A day after the installation we called to ask for a receipt for our payment - we had called many times and finally got someone on the phone who had told us that since the doors were already installed, our order is not available any longer in order to get a receipt. When we insisted, we got something that resemble a receipt. By all means a very strange behaviour ! For your reference you have 24 hours to ask for a receipt otherwise you have to fight to get something indicating the full amount you had paid
One final note, only after the installation we found out that they only offer 48 hours after installation to inspect and report any damages - after that time period you are on your own.  Again this is something that had not been mentioned earlier. We got lucky for not having to deal with their truly unresponsive costumer service and hopefully we will never will. 

tom c.  Manhattan, NY  10/28/2010
Terrible. Really expensive and terrible service. Not sure what the better solution is, but this in definitely not the place to buy thousand dollar doors. Late, dishonest and disorganized. Ugh. 

Paul D.  New York, NY  1/21/2010
Horrible across the board - customer service, quality, warranty etc...they dont stand behind their product, they deliver and once installed you are on your own and do nothing but incur extra fees to make their product function.
Just 3 months after my installation and several complaints on there poorly constructed and fabricated product, they refuse to repair or replace defective parts only 3 months young (brand new!!!! if i was complaining or asking for service after 2 years or so, i could see their argument)  without calling an independent contractor in at your expense. this is  only 3 months into me owning these doors, so who knows how their  product will wear and what condition they will be in at 5 or 10 years from now...and it's disturbing to know that i am on my own, at my own  expense to fix a brand new product that nobody has any knowledge of  how to fix or any access to spare parts besides the sliding door  company. they did send one of their guys to repair one time -- and i had to help the guy, he couldn't even do it alone...i am 200% unsatisfied and would not refer or suggest anyone  deal with the sliding door company or purchase their product. horrible  customer service and an overall robbery...not to mention the overall poor quality of their product or lack of support ior care or even interest in experience and personal story and experience is longer and more in  depth and disturbing than i am writing here...feel free to contact me with any questions, i  would be more than happy to share my unpleasant experience in effort to protect  any consumer from them!
         I'm adding this "positive" review because it identifies a problem I discuss here...
Alicia P.   New York, NY   1/23/2013
Very happy with the look.  Looks very sharp in our apartment. We got 2 closet doors to match 2 walls with the door dividers panels.  They work very well and the service was good.  One section came loose on the ceiling, because they are attached at the ceiling, and they came over and fixed it.

Rob P.Glendale, CA  6/19/2016
I am in the process of remodeling my house, as such I have been going to a lot of different home upgrade stores.  The wife and I want to put some bard doors and in our search for examples we came across the Slide Door.  Upon entering, they weren't quite what we were expecting.  The showroom, if you can really call it that, was mostly a large room divided by a couple sliding door options.  Almost most of the walls were more sliding door examples.  In terms of aesthetics, it didn't seem like the different doors were presented as best as they could be.  All the sliding doors along the walls basically opened into walls/closets.  Also the lone sales person in the middle of the store was dealing with a customer  and never looked up at my wife or me at any point during our 15-20min visit.

San Francisco
Samuel B.
  • Pasadena, CA
  •  0 friends
  •  30 reviews
1.0 star rating

Criminal felony charges have been lodged against The Sliding Door Company (particularly Doron Polus, who represents himself as the CEO and president) for illegal activities via the police to be prosecuted against them with the district attorney, which was accepted with clear evidence. Other divisions of governmental and legal authorities are being called to action as well.

The members of The Sliding Door Company I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with have committed multiple counts of illegal fraud. I have documented proof of all this. They were reported to multiple authorities. They broke notarized contracts, caused massive damages, made several false statements, and illegally, fraudulently stole from me. I have documented proof of all this already lodged with authorities. The authorities have advised me to take action against Doron Polus, who represents himself as the President and CEO, who, among others, made false statements, verifiable with written proof. Please, feel free to message me and I will be happy to provide plentiful proof of their illegal activities. Please, be careful of this company, because if they fail they could attempt to defraud you, too.

They are ACTIVELY continuing to break the law and have been notified of it several times. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

  • Jay F.
  • Los Angeles, CA
  •  0 friends
  •  3 reviews
1.0 star rating

Everything seemed fine at first - other than a multi-month delay for installation. We can understand the need to fabricate the product. But then there was a complete breakdown on what prep we needed to do prior to installation - such as the removal of a valence. It took many weeks to get answers because each time there was a long delay before anyone responded. Each time we got a different answer from different people and the installation department was not coordinating with sales or customer service. Installation kept getting delayed each time - as they changed their minds as to what was necessary before installation could take place. Finally the service manager intervened and determined that we really did not need to do anything prior to installation - which was rescheduled for last week. It turned out that they did not do a complete installation - but never bothered to let us know - until we got a call a couple of days ago letting us know they could not complete it because we had to remove the valence. We explained yet again that the service manager approved the installation - and that caused another delay while they searched for an another later available date and promised to email confirmation. That has still not happened and everything is up in the air - although they were already fully paid. I'll update this review when and if the installation is ever completed. What a way to do business!  Be careful before ordering from them.  

Comment from Alex C. of The Sliding Door Company Business Customer Service11/30/2017  Hi Jay,

Thank you for voicing your concerns about the experience you had with our company. We take this kind of feedback very seriously. I have shared this with our Executive Management team so that we can learn from it.

It seems that on top of office closure due to Thanksgiving, there was a miscommunication between our installers and our corporate office...and for that we, sincerely apologize. We have your installation rescheduled for December 11th and we appreciate you giving us a chance to make this right with improved service along with our high quality product.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and plan to make it excellent on the scheduled date.
Naf D.
Menlo Park, CA
 I'm joining the unhappy team due to the incredibly unacceptable delivery time, the lousy service & hidden cost. 
1. When we ordered the doors (3 sets of closet doors) we were given an 8 week order time. What they don't tell you is that it takes them 2 weeks to get someone to come out & measure & another week to settle internal differences before the order is approved for production. When the doors are finally ready, they haven't planned staff appropriately & you wait another 2 weeks. Finally the doors arrive but 2/3 don't fit! 
2. Customer service has the audacity to blame the customer (us) for not doing the necessary modifications so the doors will fit! They do find a solution & we head back to scheduling a new appointment for a new install. 
3. 4 months later we are 2 days to having our doors installed & we get notified that our installer had an accident & they can't send anyone else! 
Finally, we paid 50% at the order but had another 65% to pay before delivery...oh yes the installation is costly and was never mentioned! 
Lastly we paid $10k. For that price you can find yourself some very decent doors elsewhere! 
Steve C.
Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Doors are overpriced and the quality is poor.  I deeply regret using them.  I am a contractor too with several homes in my portfolio. 

Saminda W.
San Francisco, CA
The one star is for the doors, the lack of the 4 other stars is for everything else.  After nearly 4 months since I went into the showroom, we now finally have two sets of closet doors.  Doors which took so long they might have been made one sliver of wood at a time. So that was just one thing, just how incredibly long the process took.
When I set foot into the showroom, I should have known it was going to be an ordeal.  The person who "helped" me was not good.  Josie got the measurements wrong the first time she mocked it up, she didn't notice the existing measurements were for each panel.  She got a lot of other things wrong that day too, and I realized later that was the beginning of a trend.
When they did the field measurements, there were errors and it took 3 dozen emails and photos to straighten it out.  Josie was not helpful: arrogant and condescending; I had to send her fotos to prove my point.  Listening skills? Not so much.
When the doors finally came, the installation was less than ideal.  One of the workers asked me if he could use the bathroom and I pointed him to our guest bath.  He was in there for a bit.. and then 15 minutes later I found that he had gone into our private master bedroom bath and locked the door.  He wasn't using the bathroom, as I later found my prescription medications rearranged :/ So shady, felt unsafe to have someone sketch like that around my wife and infant.  
So 4 months and $4,000 for 2 sets of closet doors with all of that crappy customer service and shady installation? Not worth it.  Would not do it again.  Encourage you to look elsewhere. 
  • Jay C.  Burbank, CA  10/7/2015
its taken two months to process an order for a door. now i'm waiting 10-12 weeks for them to make the door and come to my house to install it. 
i started the process in august and the door is expected to be installed in december. 
quite frankly, for the price of the door, it's not worth the wait time.

Daniel L.  San Francisco, CA  9/17/2015 
Sliding Door has been in my home twice.  The first time they installed a swing door, split doors and a slider.  They could not have been more helpful.  The work was professionally completed and the doors looked great.Recently I had another swing and another slider installed.  The slider was damaged and the company installed the door anyway and promised to come back and repair the damaged part.  Furthermore you can see into the next room when the slider is closed.  The company seems unwilling to address this problem despite numerous emails/phone calls.  The swing door is not level.  At the hinges it is flush but by the time the door gets to the opposite side there is a 1/2 inch gap.  I was home during the install and pointed both of these flaws out I received a shrug in response. Everytime I call I get the same story.  I want action now.  
Daniel L.  San Francisco, CA  10/7/2015  - Updated Review
The doors are cheap and their customer service is appalling.

Charles D.  Napa, CA  5/20/2015
I had three TSDC doors in my prior home so they were the first choice when we decided to have a door for an opening to my office in our new home. We ordered the door on January 26 with "Lead Time 10-12 weeks." Just last week, they called to schedule installation for June 8. By then it will be 134 days- over 19 weeks. And when I wrote the local (SF) sales room manager pointing out the delay, she minimized it and implied that we were being unreasonable as there was West Coast port congestion (the doors are not made in the U.S.) The product, if it matches my prior experience, is high quality and very expensive. We know the expensive part of our expectations will be met (over $2000 for a door covering a 68" opening). And we know that our installation and customer-service expectations will not be met. We only hope the product meets expectations when in finally arrives. If you buy something from this company expect to pay a lot and wait a long time for it to arrive.  
Linda B.   San Francisco, CA   2/3/2015
I expect that I will love my new closet doors if and when they ever get installed. After repeated phone calls and emails, I'm still waiting to hear about scheduling the installation.  It has been almost 3 months since the measurements were taken and I approved the contract to go forward with the order.  Beyond frustrated at this point.
Gee B.   Pinole, CA  2/5/2012
I've had my sliding doors from this company for about 3+ years now and they work beautifully, aside from the fact the decorative strips started falling off soon after the doors were installed. The company mailed to me some stronger tape so that I could put the strips back on myself, and I didn't like that, given the astronomical price I paid for the doors. I was saddened to see that others had similar/same problems I had with customer service and installation years ago. While I love my doors and would like to have similar doors placed in a few other places in my home, I'm not yet ready to go through the difficulty of dealing with their customer service people and installers, which was a royal pain in the... Perhaps this company still has some kinks to work out.
shawn g.   Santa Cruz, CA   3/29/2012
If you live outside this company's service area you are out of luck. We desperately wanted them to do the install, but they refused even when we offered to pay.  We had to beg them to at least come and see the scope of the project once. This was a huge residential job for them. We had swing and sliding doors. They got some of the order wrong and the product is from China so it takes forever to get it corrected. And if you make a mistake you are screwed. For instance it is not possible to add a latch after fabrication. The good news and bad news is they have a variety of glass to choose from, you may not be able to have the class match in one room due to needing a different type of glass to perform a certain function ie. some glass has a green tint, some are white, some you can see through some, is more opaque. The product is beautiful and adds a lot to the character to a house, but I am disappointed with feel of the door and the latching options, not to mention their funky customer service.

Costa Mesa 
Nicole H.  Costa Mesa, CA  2/4/2016
I am very disappointed with the service here. I placed an order and was told 8 weeks would be the delivery date. About a month later the doors arrived, and they were the wrong size. I called my sales representative who was defensive and offered no apology or help in a solution. I called the corporate office and still have not heard from anyone. I own and run my own business and have no privacy for an office to hold meetings. I have had to rent space for meetings since the door was a month late and now I have to wait another two weeks for new doors. I would not recommend this is you need your doors done on a quoted timeline.

  • Jill J.  San Clemente, CA  10/8/2015 
I have been seriously disappointed by The Sliding Door Company company over and over. I wish I had paid more attention to the bad reviews about The Sliding Door Company here on yelp.
Ultimately the issue comes down to how they run their business.  I believe their process is designed for contractors and NOT the average consumer. Prepare to be let down if you are just a normal customer.  My husband and I checked in every couple weeks to get updates, they had none every time!  How do you have no update for 2 months?  
Millennials are needy - we like to know where our stuff is, when its coming, why its delayed.  The Sliding Door Company guys should take page out of Amazon, Dominos Pizza and Mini Cooper company models - they communicate to their customers.  I know when my $5 pizza is in the oven and then on its way.  I knew when MINI was painting my custom car.  How can there be no information on $4k rectangle glass doors?  These doors are an investment in our home and my generation needs better communication & planning from The Sliding Door Company. 
The Sliding Door Company delivered the doors and installed.  They look good.  I cant say I'm fanatical about them because the process to get them sucked.  If I was writing this review about the product itself there would be more stars.
I tried to have faith that The Sliding Door Company would make my whole experience worth it and change my opinion by getting these doors done in the time we originally requested. I've thought a lot about my review of The Sliding Door Company and while efforts have been made, its just not good business. 
Raj T.   Irvine, CA   9/23/2014
My wife and I relying on yelp reviews visited this establishment and were very disappointed with the level of service provided. We had reviewed the website, picked a door design based upon the website and were seeking an estimate as well as an opinion on whether our selection was practical and contemporary.
The saleswoman was disinterested in our initial inquiries.. When we asked her for an estimate, she responded, providing an estimate is very involved process and I will only provide if you are willing to buy today. I have never come across a business that would not provide an estimate. We did our homework on the their door designs and were serious in our interest but were  very disappointed at the anemic responses to our questions by this particular saleswoman.  Had we felt the saleswomen was more responsive and helpful, we would have considered placing an order. However this attitude made us our business was unwanted so we moved on. 
I hope your experience is better than ours.

Dianne G.   Irvine, CA   9/1/2011
We purchased sliding glass doors last year, and while the sales person was knowledgeable, the product was NOT so great!  Installation was a bit crooked.  Furthermore, the metal bars that created an Asian look were installed with double sided tape, only to fall off frequently whenever the room is slightly humid.  The company when contacted was EXTREMELY rude with help who did NOTHING to rectify the problem.  Oh, I should mention that for a $5,000 purchase they offered a 3-month only warranty... really?  I guess they knew the product would have problems shortly thereafter.  I would NOT recommend this company at all.

Charles D.   Napa, CA   5/20/2015
I had three TSDC doors in my prior home so they were the first choice when we decided to have a door for an opening to my office in our new home. We ordered the door on January 26 with "Lead Time 10-12 weeks." Just last week, they called to schedule installation for June 8. By then it will be 134 days- over 19 weeks. And when I wrote the local (SF) sales room manager pointing out the delay, she minimized it and implied that we were being unreasonable as there was West Coast port congestion (the doors are not made in the U.S.) The product, if it matches my prior experience, is high quality and very expensive. We know the expensive part of our expectations will be met (over $2000 for a door covering a 68" opening). And we know that our installation and customer-service expectations will not be met. We only hope the product meets expectations when in finally arrives. If you buy something from this company expect to pay a lot and wait a long time for it to arrive. .
tony b.  San Francisco, CA  9/8/2011
Service has been abysmal. I found out on delivery day, the door that I had ordered was wrong, and ever since, it's been nothing but incredible frustration. 
Response from the Rep has always been two days delayed until I complained. Refund for my door was delivered to the wrong address.
I wrote the first two paragraphs before the door was delivered. After the install, I'm (pause for dramatic effect) pleased with the product if not so much with the service. The contractors installing were accommodating, while the door is honestly a great product. After a few complaints, I spoke directly to a rep from the Socal office, who responded much more frequently and informatively
Carl A.   Castro Valley, CA   1/7/2012
Although we'd been interested in the Sliding Door Company for some time, we were unable to get down there (SF office) until today.  I'd called earlier and asked whether we needed to be assigned a rep or to make an appointment.  The answer was no.  So we were surprised when we spent 20 minutes walking around, picking up brochures and checking out the doors.  Although someone was there, we were never even greeted or told how long we would have to wait to get some questions answered.
maria g.   Long Beach, CA   6/17/2012
Buyer beware!!! The salesperson was sweet and helpful. However, this company has very onerous terms that are 100% against the buyer. They tell you that they stand behind their products, but their contract does not reflect that at all.  They require you to arbitrate disputes with them and pay half of the arbitration costs. Since Arbitrators generally charge around $800 per hour, you are not likely to engage in arbitration with them when you have to pay $400 per hour vs going to small claims court. They also have clauses that you must report issues within 48 hours of delivery, so if you notice a problem a week later, you are out of luck. These people do not care about their customers. Look at their awful reviews across the country. Stay away! 
  • Nancy S.  Dana Point, CA  10/1/2012 
This has been one of the worst consumer experiences ever!  We purchased sliding doors from the company.  The sales people are very good.  That's where it ends.  The product was defective within the first month.  This has been going on for  a year.  The glass coating or etching came away in several spots to leave very obvious smears that look dirty.  I have sent photos and left voice messages.  I get a call back and they send me a cleaner.  I keep telling them it's not a cleaning issue.  Now the warranty is expired.  Never has anyone come out to look and assess.  My last call they told me that the only thing they could do was send me an acetone kit because the warranty is spite of a paper trail of emails going back to a month after install.  They refuse to honor the warranty.  I have never rec'd the acetone kit.  Ridiculous.  These doors were not inexpensive.  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

Westlake Village

  • Marla G.
  • Agoura Hills, CA

This is my first yelp report.  I went into the store last week and it took a while for someone to finally come out to greet me. There were no other customers .  I was looking to replace all of my sliding closet doors and the gentleman working there had no idea what he was supposed to be selling.  I asked him to explain and show me the different glass options, and he had no idea which was which. When I asked the size of the doors displayed, he had no idea of the size, nor did he have a tape measure.I then asked about prices since I had all of my measurements, and he had no idea of how much discount was being given.  I walked out of there and could not believe you have people working for you that should not be representing you.  I will go somewhere else for my new doors. 
E K.
  • Thousand Oaks, CA
  • 4/12/2016
Complete nightmare! Spent about$3000 to have a sliding door installed. Salesperson was nice and helpful but installation was horrible. It was just ridiculous. It left the gap everywhere. There are gaps between wall and door. Therefore no sound reduction. You can hear everything from the room. I didn't look for sound proof but they said there would be good sound reduction. Really ?? With the gap everywhere, how you can have a sound reduction! Contacted them many times to address the issue. Still not fixed after months. Service department was nothing but horrible. They don't seem to care ! Just wasted $3000 for nothing. It must be a simple fix as long as they are willing to fix. Just don't go with this company, you will regret. Its door quality was reasonable and showroom was good but their installation is nothing but horrible. It is up to you what to do but you will remember what I said when you regret.
R B.  Palo Alto, CA   11/22/2014  Updated review
Sliding Glass Door company in San Jose has no order quality control and no business ethics.  I spent about 45 minutes in the show room explaining my goals for the project and my home.  Everything after that went south.  Later on the phone, the sales rep talked me into using a different glass.  She said it was the same one I selected in the showroom, just opaque, and she'd be happy to do that upgrade at no additional charge.  Upgrade?  Ok cool, I said that sounded fine but asked for samples.  No samples.  Two weeks later I asked for samples again.  No samples.  Eventually samples of the frame showed up.  At that point, I was very distracted because she kept sending incorrect orders.  She sent one order with random frames set to different (incorrect) values.  She sent another order missing four doors.  Looking back, I never at any point received a full and complete accurate order.  At no point, did I receive a sample of the glass.  At no point did I receive a written product description.  So, let's move on to the install, the sales rep went back and forth with me about the door tracks and sent me documentation that didn't make any sense at all....later, when the installers were here explaining that she ordered the wrong thing and I showed them what she sent me.  The installers laughed, they said sales people have no idea how it's really done and they're surprised that no one caught the error.  The doors aren't installed right still today!!!  But, the install isn't the part that makes me upset every morning when I wake up and look at the doors, it's the glass that makes my heart just sink.  I shared every detail about my home with this woman and she really just led me down the wrong path.Bottom line - you will be lucky if:- You get an accurate order- You get real applicable samples- Your order is reviewed by a quality team or order confirmation team that is not a sales person (they don't have this at all)- You get the install scheduled without being canceled- Your installers show up on time- The install is done completely- The install is done without leaving holes in your floor and wall- You get the product you think you ordered- You get someone to hear you out if you have any feedback- You get a warranty of any kind
Here's the part that just really stands out against the other $250k in remodeling I've done in my two homes with about three dozen vendors - there is NO WARRANTY.  They don't CARE ABOUT THE RESULT.  What did they offer me?  50% off my future order.  Bizarre, disheartening, buyer beware!!!
*****************Update. 11/2014
After a year of steaming, I called Sliding Glass Door company and asked them, again, to finish installing the two doors in the hallway with the ramp tracks that their installer recommended and promised to follow up on.  Their director of sales called me back w a very long lecture about how they don't 'do' ramps.  Flabbergasted, I found a picture on their website and sent it to him.  He agreed to replace them and then backed out somewhat randomly.
In parallel, he sent someone to my home to quote a $14/per square foot wall paper solution to cover the color of the glass that he admitted his jr sales person didn't properly disclose.  The glass vinyl wall paper solution was extremely expensive and made the problem worse so I asked for the cheaper solution of fixing, oh hmm lets see, the original problem of replacing the glass.  I even offered to pay materials costs for all doors if he would cover just the first half.  He said fixing the root problem wasn't 'fair and equitable, and therefore we consider this matter closed'.
This company has a very broken perception of problem solving that trickles down from the top, and again, their core issue is that they have no quality department.  For sure, do not trust your time and energy on Jimmy/James Homan.  His initial instinctive approach to customer service is to reiterate all the ways a customer is clueless.  The Sliding Glads Door companies self-awareness, internal notes, materials tracking and followup methodology are all non existent.
At some point, we will have all these ridiculous doors hauled off to the dump.  Huge disappointment.
Funny, that's probably where they started out

San Diego
The first review was a four-star review.  I'm including it here because it reflects the problem of seal failure and shows how TSDC is giving glass cleaner to customers instead of addressing the problems in their product. 
Clark K.
La Mesa, United States

I had these doors installed for seven different openings in my home, which was quite an investment.  I've enjoyed them greatly for years, though I recently had some issues with a couple of cracked track guides/wheels as well as the gas within the panes leaking onto the inside at the borders of the doors, giving the appearance of the frosted look etching away (apparently this is a problem with the sealing tape rather than the gaskets).  After a lengthy setup time to have a service person come by the house, I was very impressed with Justin who addressed all of the issues and left me with a bottle of glass cleaner to address the symptom of the slow-leak gasket/tape problem.  He was very friendly, professional, efficient, and helpful in resolving all of the doors' issues.  Overall I like the product and greatly appreciate Justin's help.
Serge D.
San Diego, CA

We needed a custom size pocket sliding door because we have high ceiling and liked the quality and design of their doors. Good quality but very expensive and absolutely NO customer service. Their office on 4th Av is randomly closed, so call before you go. Cost was about $900  ( special offer ) to start + $500 for delivery and installation which I did not want because I'm a contractor. Then we changed the glass style and they said it was an extra $300. I installed following exactly their instructions handbook and had issues with the bottom guide and latching system. Called several times their L.A to get support, they never responded to voice mail ( don't bother leaving a message). Talked to 3 different people who said that a specialist would call me back, they never did. Finally after an email, sending a video showing the issues, they got back to me after I bugged them again and wanted to charge an upfront $250 for an assessment of their problem!!  No way!
I ended up spending 2 hours to modify their system so it would work!!
Stay away unless you're ok to spend big bucks and get frustrated!!!

Comment from Alex C. of The Sliding Door Company
Business Customer Service
6/5/2017  Dear Serge,
We are truly sorry you feel that you had an unpleasant experience with us.
After carefully looking into the chain of events, we see that due to the unusual difficulty you had installing our system, our team did everything in their power to try and clarify the situation.
During the last conversation you had with our Customer Service Manager, we were happy to hear that the system was installed correctly and completely functioning to your satisfaction.
However, we at The Sliding Door Company take pride in our quality interior glass door solutions as well as our exceptional customer care.
We have tried to contact you recently in order to have a chance to hopefully improve your overall experience with us.
We do hope you will consider our company's services again in the future.
Thank you, TSDC
D B.
San Diego, CA
5.0 star rating 2/3/2016
This rating is for Justin, the field tech that came to our home today to fix a noise that our sliding doors were making.  We had them installed in our guest room in August of 2014, and after a visit last month from some dear friends, the one side started making a loud noise when we opened it.  (Tip:  since these are high end products with automatic closures, we would suggest giving a short clinic to anyone that might be visiting and using them, as they can't just be slammed shut)  Justin was wonderful and even though the main problem was with the right side of the closet, he also said the other side was not sliding smoothly. He spent the extra time  to take off both doors, put new wheels on both,  and re-align them them so they now work perfectly.  We appreciated how he paid attention to detail and didn't just rush through the job in 10 minutes. The appointment lasted for an hour.
As far as the company goes: we have been happy with their service. We origonally ordered frosted glass doors but the vapor from the frames disinigrated the frosting near the sides.  After two unsuccessful trys to fix them, the company just ordered new plain glass doors for us.
There is a three year warrenty for parts and they waived the $125 service call, which we greatly appreciated.  We would recommend this company, just be aware that you have to be gentle when using the product.

Aleks D.  Carlsbad, CA  10/6/2014
I purchased the entire glass wall with a door back in 2008. It was not a great experience and after just couple of years the doors started damaging my wood floors as they forgot to measure and accommodate for floor expansion. My contractor removed the entire wall today (total loss of over $2500!). He also said that the problem with the door was that it was designed poorly and installed wrong, not taking in consideration the weight of the door, which caused some parts to bend and not support the structure. I contacted the company few months ago to have someone come and fix the issue with scrapping my floors by the door but I was told it would be $100.00 to send someone and who knows how much to fix the issue. I would never recommend this company to anyone! Save your money and go with a better company! I left them a voice mail to see if I could get a copy of my receipt for the purchase of this most expensive wall on the entire planet, we shall wait and see if I get any reply!
Al C.   Campbell, CA  4/5/2011  First to Review
Wanted to get a quote for some closet doors. After calling a couple times I finally left a message. After not hearing back, I called the corporate office. Someone finally called me from the San Diego location. I told them what I needed and she sent me a quote. The cost was outrageous. I told them no thanks.
Then, quite sometime later, I start receiving email advertisements from them. They're too lazy to return calls, are a complete ripoff then start sending out spam? Why bother. Just return your phone calls, offer a fair price and you wont need to spam people.
Josh C.   San Diego, CA   8/13/2013
Today was one of the worst experiences with a company in my Life. I ordered a door for $1,600, over three weeks ago with Haley. She took my order and my money the same day. Then almost a week later i get a call to schedule the measuring appointment. I asked her to try and rush the installation if she could. I waited all day today for anyone to come and measure. Corporate said I never confirmed even though i did to both Corporate and the local salesperson Haley denied there was confirmation. After getting nowhere I confirmed next week would be ok. I then called Haley and told her she did nothing for me except take an order and that it. Moments later the National Sales manager said he was debating if he would cancel my order or not. At that moment I could no longer bare the displeasure of working with a company like this. But the decision was made for me anyone. He decided to cancel my order. I know the doors they sell are beautiful but the people working for the company are not. Please whatever you do stay away from this company until they know how to treat a customer. Never has anyone been so rude to me in the most hurtful way.
 Comment from Sheryl H. of The Sliding Door Company  (Notice - this comment has since been changed and is now attributed to Alexandra C - as have several other comments originally made by Sheryl Hai Ami)
Business Manager  8/20/2013  
It is never our intention to hurt anyone.  Several concerned employees were working with this customer to reach his goals.  Unfortunately, a mutual agreement could not be reached and we had to part ways.  We support our team, and we appreciate and stand behind the great work they do.  We are disappointed that we could not proceed with this order, but the terms proposed were not within our capabilities and we felt it best to refund the customer in full.
Anybody looking at the pricing of their other products can figure out what happened here.  They couldn't make enough money on this product at $1600.  A mutual agreement WAS reached, and money changed hands.  Sales are final only when TSDC wants them to be.  Josh C returned almost two years later to confirm - see below:

  • San Diego, CA
6/23/2015  Updated review
I stand by me review. I did find another local company in San Diego to install a nice sliding door for me. They did it within a week. Sliding Door company did nothing to try and get the order thru. They just didn't care about their customer. Plain and simple. Stay away if at all possible.
Thank you Josh!  It IS possible to stay away from The Sliding Door Company - as you have shown.

 Buzz N.  Del Mar, CA  4/7/2011
Great product, terrible service.  We ordered sliding doors for a closet and a bathroom door.  Their measurements were wrong.  We got the sliding doors a month late.
The real nightmare was on the bathroom door.  They sent the completed door here twice....both times they were the wrong size.  I finally had them leave the door and will have my contractor figure it out.
I would not recommend this company under any circumstances. It is too bad, as their product is very good and looks beautiful.
Robert K.   Lacey, WA   7/3/2013
In August of 2012, we ordered a set of sliding doors for our new East Village condo.  At over $5,000 for three panels covering about 12 linear feet, we had to take a deep breath before forging ahead.  Delivery time was ten to twelve weeks, and in addition to the price, there was an additional charge of $975 for delivery and installation.  But... we loved the look and went for it.  Finally, in November, they were delivered.  We let the installer in and left him to finish.  The doors we ordered were frosted glass with a horizontal piece installed at thirty inches above the floor to match the condo widows.  When we returned, we saw that the cross pieces on the doors were nearly an inch out of alignment.    We called the company and were told any issues were due to existing floors that weren't level, and they weren't going to do anything about it. Our condo is concrete and steel construction, six years old and pretty level.  I pointed out that their showroom is in an old building and they seemed to be able to install doors there without issues, so they should be able to fix ours.  They told us again that they were correctly installed and wouldn't come back.  I asked to speak to someone else.  Again, same response.  Now angry, I called the showroom and spoke with the original salesperson.   She finally gave me the name of another person at the company.  After speaking with that person (and again being told that the doors were fine), I asked to speak with her supervisor.  She told me she would have someone call back.  The next day someone called back.  Finally she agreed to have the installer return.  A week later the installer came and in about ten minutes, removed and reinstalled the pieces.  Ten minutes!  This is the first time I've ever posted a review, and wouldn't have but for one final issue:  I decided to write the company president and let him know how I was treated.  Unfortunately (though not surprising considering everything else), they wouldn't give me his contact information.  Finally, after a bit of research I found and confirmed it.  I sent a letter explaining everything, asking for nothing, just hoping other customers would be treated better.  It's now been several months and I still haven't had a reply.  I just want other potential customers to know the level of customer service to expect from this company.

Robert, that's exactly why I started this blog.  For anyone interested, the CEO's email address is  Don't expect him to read or respond to your complaints, however.   
Elle S.  San Diego, CA  3/4/2012
We met Jennifer at the showroom some time back to discuss projects we have in our new condo. We told her we'd be back in touch once we closed escrow. Called and got a hold of Sara and she told me the spaces needed to be completed before anyone would come out to measure and that they needed a deposit before they could send someone out to meet us. After numerous calls to Jennifer we cannot get a call back. You would think a customer willing to spend thousands of dollars would get a call back. We didn't flinch at the price when Jennifer first quoted us a price.  I think it's unprofessional that they won't call us back. Well you lost a cash paying customer!!!
Donna D.  Goleta, CA  2/13/2015
this company has been our worst nightmare .  It took over 10 weeks to have the doors arrive in the US.  We had to go pick them up at a warehouse that was very difficult to find.  They would not deliver or install.  WE received no installation instructions. until we asked for them.   . We had to cut pieces to fit the doors. 
WE had to ask for the end pieces twice and they sent the wrong ones twice and even asked us for payment and shipping charges.  Initially they were very hard to contact either by phone or even by email.  I suggest you  find a different company  because they are extremely unreliable. The doors look great but they are still not complete.  after months of communication.  They are no professional
Comment from Sheryl H. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Manager 2/18/2015  
I am very sorry to learn about Donna's review. We at The Sliding Door Company care very much about our customers and their satisfaction from our products as well as the service. We are working very hard to accomplish it and I am happy to say that for the most part we are very successful.  
So caring about your customers is more of a "process" than a commitment? 
There are always two sides to every story. In this case all the complaints are related to the installation which was done by Donna's contractor.
Well, let me offer another side to this story.  The contractor didn't require 10 weeks to receive the doors.  The contractor wouldn't have been necessary at all except you wouldn't deliver or install.  The contractor didn't send the wrong pieces twice.  The contractor didn't duck her calls. These are all things YOU did.  But let me get this straight - she ordered the doors and paid for them.  Your ONLY job was to let her know they had arrived. THAT'S IT!  So why should she have any complaints - you left pick-up and installation to HER and her contractor?
The installation instructions are available and very easy to follow.
Of course, the other side to that story is - they aren't.
We always provide the tracks longer to be cut to size on site. The dividers must be glued to the glass and the double side tape is provided for alignment only as stated in the installation instructions.
Again, the other side of the story could be that the dividers were intended to be installed with double-stick tape like many of the other reviewers have mentioned.  There's even a video of a TSDC installation SHOWING this.  Why lie about it Sheryl - is lying the other side of your story? Here's the video - check out the double-stick tape at the 1:00 minute mark. 
We are very happy that Donna loves the doors and her suggestion to find another company is an overstatement.
Many customers love the doors at first.  Lots of people have mentioned they don't last long.  In my experience I would agree that product failure is common at TSDC because there is no product testing.  I'm not sure why you believe the suggestion to find another company is to *overstate* the comment that "This company has been our worst nightmare" - which, BTW, I believe I've read a few times in these reviews.  

Randy E.
Chicago, IL  8/15/2016
I called this morning and spoke with, Mike. I've never met a more rude person on the phone, in my life. I would never call this jerk again.  Good luck if you use this company. 
Comment from Alex C. of The Sliding Door Company
Business Customer Service
1/30/2017  It's a New Year and New day in our Chicago showroom- we have a fabulous new sales team, if you have not completed your project please call or stop by to meet them today! 221 W Ohio Street 312-494-9494
Email 8/16/2016:
Hi Randy, we apologize for your experience this morning, your complaint is the first of its kind regarding Mike.  We have multiple reps in the Chicago showroom and would like the opportunity to have you work with another sales rep. Please contact our Residential Sales Manager at our Corporate office  
Howard H.  Chicago, IL 11/23/2015I would not recommend the Sliding Door Co., and would suggest looking elsewhere.
1. The "frost" on the door is very cheap and is more of a high-end stick on frost rather than it being ingrained in the glass.  The frost starts to fade away and turn black in spots -- especially if it is exposed to water or the wrong cleaner.  They have, to their credit, twice come back to "fix" the problem, and it is much better, but not perfect and I don't know how long it will last.  We have another frosted (non-sliding) door in our house (it came with our house when we purchased it) and the quality of the two doors are night and day -- the poor quality door being the Sliding Door Co. door.  
2. The door, opening and closing sounds like a freight train coming.  It is very loud and rumbly.  Again, they came back out to "fix" it but it hasn't helped.
Overall, I give them credit for attempting to fix these issues with no charge, but this is a very inferior product and would strongly advise you to explore other options.

Seal Failure - a known problem atTSDC
It appears the bad reviews have made an impression.  That The Sliding Door Company actually came back to address the issue is a HUGE improvement over what we've seen in the past.  Maybe they realized (too late) that selling products with KNOWN defects - and then blaming the customer might not be good for business. Especially now that customers can compare their own experience to those of other customers, TSDC could be looking at a class-action lawsuit in the future. 
Alena i.  Chicago, IL  

We used this company 4 years ago. We were happy with installation, service and doors quality.  We went back there now. Prices went up while Customer service went down. The manager is rude and unprofessional...he keeps providing misleading information and he even can not apologize for it.  Installation now is 600$ seriously for one door...
You can do it yourself, however be aware that dividers and the rest of things you ll have to do / put in place yourself.
I would not recommend this place. Too overpriced for what you get and how you are treated. 

Bruce N.  Chicago, IL  7/29/2015
If I were only reviewing the doors, they would be 5 stars.  Well made and truly beautiful.  Last year, I had six large (7' x 3') closet doors installed covering the entire wall of my master bedroom.  They're expensive, but the look was what I wanted and I was very happy with the job.  The $400 installation for around 3 hours of work was a bit high, but Manny & his helper did a good job.  I was satisfied.
Fast forward twelve months and I decided to get the same doors for the lower level of my condo.  These doors, however, were only 2' wide and there were only four of them.  I was told that the installation charge had gone up to $600.  Begrudgingly, I agreed.  I figured that these were pricy doors and that they'd be installed correctly.  Imagine my surprise when the installation only took 75 minutes,  That's around $500/hour for the job.  Manny and his assistant were pleasant and all, but $500/hour?  
If you have the budget, go ahead and purchase doors from The Sliding Door Company.  You'll love the finished result.  I would really like to see them review their installation costs, however.  I ended up feeling a little bit violated when the job was completed.  Not exactly how I'd like my clients to feel after doing business with me.  Just a bad taste in my mouth...

Wayne H. Chicago, IL  8/28/2010
Bad experience overall - improper installation with cheap friction bumpers instead of leveling rails with shims - cheap plastic wheels failed after 1 year - staff knows only design not mechanics of product

Brad G.  Cook, IL  5/13/2010  First to Review
This is an update from an earlier review...unfortunately for them, one inept customer service rep really soured our experience, but their sales rep and corporate office finally stepped in to make things right.  It's a shame that we had so many problems with them, but at least they recognized their mistakes and tried to accommodate us.  I would caution buyers to shop around before working with them, but if they have what you need it may be worthwhile to do business with them.
Chad A.  Brownsburg, IN  9/5/2013
Sales person was nice and helpful.  Doors arrived and look great; seem to be of quality workmanship.  Unfortunately, they were not shipped with all of the parts/pieces.  I called and left a message, as customer service had already closed.  I received a call back the next day.  These people had the nerve to imply I was the inept one, because "the wheels come in a small box"; surely there packaging and shipping personnel did their job by including the wheels with the doors.  Then they act like I shouldn't expect to get the missing parts any time soon, because, hey, we already have your money.
I would recommend buying from someone else!!!  Yet another company without customer service.

Comment from Sheryl H. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Manager
Our Customer Service Department is typically very responsive and helpful
 (I'm pretty sure nobody who has read this far believes this Sheryl... of course there's that glowing 5-Star review you posted about how well customer service responds to YOU.)
and this feedback is critical for us to train our personnel.  
Fortunately there are ABUNDANT customer complaints to assist you with this training effort.
We are extremely glad that you brought this to our attention.  
 I imagine you're extremely glad that I'm blogging about this too.
The wheels are packaged by our factory during production, and it is not
uncommon for them to be overlooked.  
Whoa... wait what? It's *not uncommon* for parts to be overlooked when they are packed at the factory in China.  So, does anybody check the boxes when they arrive here to see if all the parts are included? (No, obviously) We've seen several complaints on this page about exactly this - wrong parts, wrong sizes and rude treatment when the mistake is reported... and now we find out that it's a KNOWN problem.  
Regardless, the rep you spoke to should never have assumed that we couldn't have made a mistake. 
Ya think?  I'm pretty sure nobody reading this blog is convinced of this.

I'm giving the second star only because the doors are very beautiful and a quality product. The pricing is outrageous and the company lacks customer service. From beginning to end, it took 6 months to get the doors installed! And if there are any bumps in the road along the way (as there always are with remodel projects) don't expect this place to help you out, you are left to figure it out on your own and then they will continue their part!Their attitude seems to be, they have a quality product so deal with it!I have several other doors to replace in my home, but after the experience with this company, I'll take my business elsewhere.
Jo J.
Portland, OR
After calling and visiting this store's location and investing quite a bit of time into researching the product line, we got a solid quote for two significantly expensive products, a glass barn door and a room divider. We also got measurement parameters. We then went to our new home to nail down the measurements (which we double checked with the company) and started the remodel (tearing out a wall, which we paid a contractor to do for us). 
We were waiting for our current home to sell before ordering. When we sold our house, we went to order the doors from this Pearl location only to find out that there was a $650 shipping fee that had never been previously mentioned, even after several phones calls and going back and forth on product choice. Needless to say this stupidly high shipping price completely put this project out of our financial reach. We also lost money on a wall we paid to have removed and rebuilt to hold the door. The company reps never apologized nor offered to work with us on this. 
This lack of this key bit of pricing information not only killed our project, but wasted a LOT of our time, which is worth more than the loss of the project. If you are looking for a sliding door or a room divider from the Sliding Door Co. don't forget to ask not only about how long it takes to arrive in Portland (we were quoted 6 to 12 weeks), but how much the shipping is. I have big trouble with this company's ethics. Recently, though, I was also happy to learn that are craftspeople right here in Portland who can build same doors and room dividers at half the cost.
Comment from Alexsandra C. (Sheryl Hai Ami) of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Customer Service
We are very sorry to hear about this, as it is not our practice to advise customers to proceed with any modifications to their home without a finalized order, including a shipping quote and specific project details.  A quote was never generated for this project so we apologize if there was a misunderstanding about our process and will strive to do better.  Thank you for your feedback.  

Ms. Hai Ami should consider how sincere her apology sounds - when she makes it while pretending to be someone ELSE.  


luis carrasco a year ago
Just wanted to take a minute to warn others about the terrible service these folks provide.
I ordered my doors on June 2014, to be delivered in September. First the doors were late and then they botched the scheduling for delivery a few times. I finally got my doors in the middle of October.
When my doors arrived, they were BROKEN!!

At that point they were nice enough to offer to replace the doors for me and waive the installation fee. (Which realistically was the least they could do)
Fast forward 5 more months and my new doors arrived. As they were being installed I asked the installers about the installation fee, and they again confirmed that it would be WAIVED.
One week after the doors were installed, the installation charge SHOWS UP ON MY CARD STATEMENT. I promptly called and Aimee (the person in charge in seattle) says there is nothing she can do and that I have to email James.

I email James, who again was described as the only person who can help, but of course, he never got back to me.
I know there is not many options in the Seattle area to get sliding doors. But given my experience THE SLIDING DOOR COMPANY SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

Washington DC

  • Choo U.
  • Edgewood, MD  12/26/2016 
This place is utterly pathetic. 
I wanted to put a frameless barn style door in my condo for a while now. I had trouble finding a glass company to make the style of glass that I wanted and then I found these guys. I called and talked to someone to schedule a measurement and the guy was very adamant that it would cost $100 for them to give me an estimate. Which would have been fine if that was used to purchase a kit from them. Regardless, after two days nobody calls me to confirm a date and time for the estimate so I call and leave a message. Later that day, their third party installer calls and says he could come by that day.  
He comes takes measurements and mentions that I don't have enough clearance for the door i wanted. He also mentioned that they will call me and try to get me to purchase another different kit.  Nobody calls me and after a week so I call and demand my $100 back. I have no problem paying $100 to be used for your kit, but if you do t have something that works for my unit then my money should be returned. Regardless, someone from an office in Florida was supposed to call me. That was 3 weeks ago. (Still waiting)
In summary, this place is a sham and I regret that they came up on my google query.  Keep my 100 bucks because if you consistently do business like this, you won't be around much longer.
Captain Chudi Uraih3x combat vetDarden MBA

Paul K.  Medford, OR  9/16/2016
I ordered a 4-door, sliding door system using the companies online 'build your own doors' feature.  The dimensions were about 84" x 124" and we ordered a white frame with frosted glass.  The projected completion time was 8-10 weeks, which I was told was normal.  The doors were completed and ready at 8-weeks.  I saved myself $600 by collecting them myself in my Subaru.  Total cost for the doors was $3,200.  Not cheap, but I was prepared to pay well for a quality product.  
The doors were exactly as we ordered and they fit perfectly into the opening in our home separating our living room and dining room.  Unfortunately, the doors did not come with any kind of handles / locking mechanism / door stop.  So we have no way to keep each door in place securely beyond the weight of the doors holding them in place, which is not ideal.  We wanted some way to lock the doors because we are using the dining room as a third bedroom.  I made the mistake of assuming some kind of door-stop/brake mechanism would be included, like a latch.  There was no step in the online 'build your own doors' feature to include a choice of hardware or mechanism for brakes/latches/locks, and at no point in the ordering process were we asked if we wanted any or had a preference for how to keep the doors in place. 
As a result, we now have $3,200 worth of four sliding doors that cannot be secured in place.  We've tried magnets.  There's no way to use a kick-down door stop without drilling into the frame and risking penetrating the glass.  I contacted the company and they sent me out what was described as 'wheel locks'.  The small pieces of metal they sent out came with no instructions and would require drilling into the frame to install.  Something I am not going to do to $3,200 sliding doors...I'm extremely disappointed that for the price there was no safety measure in place to ensure a locking mechanism was addressed before construction.   No attempt to compensate us for this.  The only solution were some cheap pieces of metal without instructions that lock the doors permanently in place.
In addition to the lock/brake issue, the doors came with 'frosted' glass.  The instructions said to wash them with warm water and detergent.  They neglect to say that the frosting will come off very easily and will not stand the test of time.  We had them for about two-weeks when I was spraying some OFF! on myself before going on a jog and some of the spray hit the doors.  No problem right?  But the Off! ate away at the frosted covering on the glass, which is just some kind of cheap paint.  Now I have a spray mark on the doors were the Off! has melted the frosting off as well as no brakes.  Great!  I feel like a fool for spending this much money on a product that is riddled with flaws from a company that doesn't seem to give a damn.  
I would give the company 3 stars for the doors being the right size, but then subtract 3 stars for the lack of attention to detail when it comes to something as fundamental as a locking/braking mechanism, along with the shabby quality of the frosted glass (paint) and the lame apathetic attempt at trying to address the brake issue after we paid them so much money.  We're left with playing around with magnets and trying to figure out a way to lock the doors in place without drilling in to the frame.  An extremely costly oversight.  The company made no attempt to reimburse us beyond sending out the cheap metal 'wheel locks' that don't work and have no instructions.  They had an opportunity to address the issue and this was their response, so, 1 out of 5 stars is my rating.  If you're thinking of using this company make sure you address the locking mechanism before ordering and don't bother getting the 'frosted' glass, you could just paint on something yourself and do a better job...  The end product is not what I expected and the ordering procedure and my overall experience has been completely soured by very simple but incredibly important oversights and the poor follow-up.
 Sean S.Washington, DC 2/12/2015
Beware, I'm not sure if this place is a legitimate business or a front for something else.  I would be very wary about purchasing services from them.   I tried unsuccessfully to visit their showroom over a period of several weeks.  Every time I showed up -- during their advertised business hours -- they were closed.  I even went so far as to e-mail them before going, to confirm when would be a good time to stop by.  I received a response confirming the hours on their web site and stating no appointment was necessary -- stop by anytime before 6, they said!  But when I showed up later that day, they were closed up tight and it looked like the place had been deserted for some time.  I tried again yesterday, showing up even earlier this time, but the same result -- the place again looked like it had been long deserted.  I just got a call from someone who claims to "work" in the DC showroom, in response to a message I left on their answering machine yesterday afternoon when I was standing outside of their locked store at 5:00 in the afternoon.  He said it was "bad luck" that every time I have stopped by they just so happened to have closed early with no notice.  This was the same gentleman who previously told me via e-mail I could stop by anytime during their advertised hours with no appointment necessary.   Makes me wonder what kind of misfortune would befall me if I actually purchased doors from them.   Does anyone else know if this is an actual company?   Their web site looks legit, and it appears to be a national company, but the DC showroom is never open, although, oddly, the one person who appears to "work" there *tells* people it's open when it's not.  Weird.

David F.Marco Island, FL4/8/2014Not off to a good start. They only have 2 reviews (both not favorable) and they are closed on the weekend (Sat. by appt. only).  Today I planned in working from home to go and see what they have and there is a sing on the door "Back in 20 min.". 

Comment from Jamie B. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Customer Service11/17/2015  Thank you for taking the time to give your honest feedback We are very sorry to hear about your experience and will be sure to review your comments in an effort to improve the experiences for our future customers. If you are still in need of our products, please feel free to contact us directly. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your situation further. 

  • Washington, DC
11/5/2013I don't even know where to start. I've had the doors now for over a year and still to this day after several emails and possibly 30 phone calls the job is still not 100% complete. First off when I ordered the sliding doors the wrong trim was ordered not to mention it took over three months to get them in. Then I had a wait another three months for the correct trim to come in but it got even worse, because three months later the trim still wasn't in (I think they forgot to order it). The installation was terrible,,, They scratched my walls up, doors were crooked and left metal shavings all over the floor. The doors are super overpriced! I probably could've gotten the same thing at IKEA for a third of the cost. I finally gave up on this horrible company, customer service is terrible! Doors are cheap garbage and installation is under par. Waste of time and money not to mention the huge headache!STAY AWAY FROM SLIDING GLASS DOOR COMPANY!

Comment from Jamie B. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Customer Service11/18/2015  Thank you for your business and for your feedback which has helped us improve the way that we do business. We are very sorry you didn't have a pleasant experience, and I can assure you that we have made key changes, specifically with the customer service team which now takes great care of every single customer in a timely manner. The team has also worked hard to prevent mistakes and our new processing system allows us to avoid errors and issues in the showroom as well as in the warehouse. Please feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss your order further.
Kathleen C.Washington, DC
Similar to the other posts we have had a terrible experience with the Sliding Door Company.  The product is good however the customer service is abysmal.  
The sales rep in this location doesn't follow through, provides utterly incorrect timelines for product to ship and install.  We finally scheduled an installation date but there was an issue with the partitions we order --the doors were installed but the partitions we paid for were not.  The installer was going to check with Alex and have to come back once he had all the parts.  However, Alex and Sliding Door Company charged our debit card on record for the final payment even though the job was not completed.  It is now two months of trying to get them to come back out to finish the job.
I wish I could give negative stars.  If you are looking for sliding doors I would definitely go elsewhere- we have. California Closets does the same work and they are SPOT ON!

FT. Lauderdale

Peter N.PARSIPPANY, NJ6/20/2015Be careful when dealing with this company they quote you one price then switch prices when they send you the order to sign. Also they promise to install the door under the carpet but when the installer arrived he claimed he didn't do that and if I wouldn't let him install it on top of the carpet they would just leave the door and charge me for the installation anyway. On one note the doors themselves are very nice but not worth the hassle this company puts you through.

Comment from Jamie B. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Customer Service11/18/2015  We are sorry to learn that you've had a less than positive experience. Our apologies for the miscommunication regarding any additional costs, there are a few different factors that could have increased the price of your original quote. At The Sliding Door Co, we try our best to be up front with the customers regarding any extra fees. Please feel free to contact us directly, we'd be happy to discuss the specifics of your situation including the installation. Thank you for your feedback.


T. L.Denver, CO11/18/2014
Do not even consider purchasing anything from this place. Walk away now, trust me. 8 months later and we still have problems. What you are shown is not what they install. The quality is not the same. The showroom materials in Colorado are not the production materials that come from California. The installation process is a huge pain. They are beyond sloppy and use a roving installation group. Their people showed up and within 10 seconds I could tell that they had no idea what the job even was, and they honestly just did not care. The first installation (3 months after purchase) brought severely damaged door frames with scratches and streaks all over the glass. The first installation guy said, and I quote "I would not pay for this either" and they have no control over getting anything fixed, so now you have to work with the sales people in California, not Colorado. The second installation (3 months later) with a new set of people and we still the same issues -scratches all over the glass with large areas where the glass coating was poorly applied along the edges and the doors are uneven so they slide open with the slightest touch. These doors will not last 2-3 years before we'll need to replace them. They already look like crap and we just spent over $2,500. Do not put yourself through this, you'll waste money and feel like sucker. And once they get your credit card they will charge you no matter what you may have agreed upon later over the phone. Walk away now, trust me.

Las Vegas (Closed?)
Bob L.Las Vegas, NV2/14/2015
Imagine my surprise when I sent a web inquiry, received a very prompt response and then traveled to the far side of town to find a store that still looks very occupied and ready to do business, but with a locked door. The sign hanging in the window says they'll be back at 10, but there is no day, month or year indicted. There is also no indication on the web site that the Las Vegas store has ceased to function and email, web and phone inquiries are all handled by out-of-state locations.
The pleasant lady I spoke with when I called the 702 number from the parking lot of the closed Las Vegas store indicated there were no definite plans regarding the Las Vegas location.  She did indicate that they do have installers in Las Vegas to do measurement and install and that they'd be happy to send product samples.
Comment from Alexsandra C. (Sheryl Hai Ami) of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Customer Service
12/15/2015  We apologize that our representative was not available when you went to visit our Las Vegas the showroom.   Our Sales Rep is often in the field.  This location is open by appointment only Monday- Thursday/ Saturday.  ...

JR Markham Joined Jun 04, 2014
I would like to comment on this company's poor after-sales service - considering the expense of this product, the installation was left incomplete and after many follow-ups, I just gave up and now whenever someone comes over to visit and sees the sliding door, I make sure they are told about the poor performance of this company to provide customer satisfaction.

Employee Reviews 

Below are some employee reviews.  I'm leaving them here because I expect to produce an entire section on The Sliding Door Company's HR department and how employees are being treated there (if you think customers have it bad...).  I'll be adding more... and, of course, my own.
Sep 23, 2016
"Don't work here! Really 1.5 stars"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee
Doesn't Recommend
I have been working at The Sliding Door Company full-time (More than a year)
Been around for a while, a lot of showrooms. They have a GREAT product that is beautiful and well made.
Unorganized, shifty, unstable. I would not recommend that a friend come work here. Low paying job that will never give you a raise. They are hiring people, yet letting other people go at the same time. Constantly making changes.
 Aug 12, 2016 Helpful (2)

"Bad management and ownership"
Former Employee - Residential Sales Representative
Doesn't Recommend
Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
I worked at The Sliding Door Company (More than a year)
Great accounting dept. And operations
Managers will not give you the proper tools to succeed. The owner will talk behind your back once you leave and blame you when you made him a lot of money. They need a new sales director to help with sales department
Advice to Management
When someone leaves it's not the employee's fault this company has a lot of turn around I would look at management and ownership now. I love my job there but realized it's untrustworthy upper management
Jun 10, 2016

"Don't work here"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee
Doesn't Recommend
Disapproves of CEO
The product looks nice and sturdy
Management isn't trustworthy and they do not value employees
Feb 6, 2016
Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in Chatsworth, CA Doesn't Recommend
Negative Outlook
Approves of CEO
I have been working at The Sliding Door Company full-time (Less than a year)
Great Owner - nice co workers -good benefits
Upper Management questionable -pay low - large turn over
Advice to Management
Take courses in managing empolyee's
Unprofessional management, defective product. Poor pay. 
Current Employee - Anonymous
I have been working at The Sliding Door Company
Pros  None. Stay away from this company.
Cons  Cheap overpriced product. Unprofessional management.
Advice to Management  Unprofessional company. Exterey poor management. Very high turnover.  

The Sliding Door Company Response
Nov 21, 2014 – H.R. Manager

We sincerely regret that you feel as you do. We greatly value each of our employees and all of their contributions. We pride ourselves on providing a top-quality product combined with top-notch   

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee
I worked at The Sliding Door Company full-time
Doesn't Recommend
Pros  Flexible hours  Employees discount  Nice showroom  Can't think of anything else
Cons  Low pay  No trust  High turnover  Poor management

Unprofessional management

Account Exective (Former Employee), S. California – December 9, 2014
"I only like to hire divorced women because they have something to work for."- direct quote from my manager.
Horrible and unprofessional management, very high turnover. Poor pay and work life balance.
Product is very expensive, but poorly manufactured. Glass would often arrive defective or stained.

It's nice to know TSDC is reading and reacting to this blog.  Literally, within a day of me posting the above review from someone posted this glowing review:

Fast pase [sic] and awesome enviroment [sic] to work in

Fun place to work. I absolutely love my job. Having a team located about 400 miles a way is like having them next to me. Scheduling them in their area of Northern California was a challenge that I have overcome real quick. It's like being their [sic] . We have a great team goal mentality "Get It Done Right". The minute I clock in it's non stop. Every day is a different one. Some challenges that always make me improve and grow [sic]. Having the support internally is a plus. Being 
 [sic] with this company 3 years and I have seen it grow. This company is only 10 years [sic] and will be around for many more. Has over 10 satellite showrooms and I handled the busiest. I truly enjoy it daily. 
Operations Scheduling, Chatsworth, CA - October 3, 2015

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Anonymous said...

I am not an employee, if I had been I would have been terminated immediately for exercising my rights as an employee to being paid overtime per CA state law when it is worked or having time to take breaks, and NO break time is not to be used for pee pee time unless you chose to, it is a rest period where one can rest quietly for the 10 minutes CA state law requires or stacking customers appointments and not allowing time for CA notorious traffic and having to forego a lunch so you can make the appointment (you don't want an upset customer) because after all customer service should be a top priority in ALL companies after all a happy customer means repeat customers