Let's Check out the Competition

I've published this page as a blog post.  I'll leave this up as it is handy.  Also, as more competitive products come to my attention, I'll post them here.

You would think that with the way The Sliding Door Company treats their customers, they might have a monopoly on sliding closet doors.  Within the first week of working there, I decided to check out the "competition" by visiting Lowes.  I was surprised to find almost the EXACT frames used by The Sliding Door Company on Lowes closet doors.  Why would Lowes steal a design from The Sliding Door Company?  Readers of this blog may well wonder if it was the other way around.

Anyway, before buying from a company that has a very bad reputation for customer service, it wouldn't hurt to check out the competition.  Here's a peek at what's out there that is similar to The Sliding Door Company's products (in my opinion as their former R&D Manager).  The prices are from the stores closest to their own corporate offices.  I may have missed a few sizes, but I think readers will get the idea.  There's no reason to suffer through The Sliding Door Company's rude sales people and non-existent customer service department.  Very reasonable (even better) solutions are available at trustworthy companies.  Below are some examples:

48x80 - $445.33 at Lowes
60x80 - $492.86 at Lowes
72x80 - $561.41 at Lowes
48x80 - $361.55 at Lowes
60x80 - $402.15 at Lowes

48x80 - $338.34 at Lowes
60x80 - $382.55 at Lowes
72x80 - $446.30 at Lowes
In White also.
Similar doors with mirrorsthe same company are as low as $90.
48x80 - $418.13 at Lowes
60x80 - $465.66 at Lowes
72x80 - $534.20 at Lowes

How about some options from Home Depot?

60x81 - $600.00 at Home Depot
Many sizes and options available.

84x81 - $879.00 at Home Depot
48x96 - $649.20 at Home Depot

There are literally too many options to list

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