Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sliding Door Company - Reviews Summed Up

This review seems to be another summary of the types of complaints we've been seeing in previous reviews.  

Happy New Year Sliding Door Company!

1.0 star rating

We originally ordered our doors for our second bedroom in September and were told the doors would be ready for installation within 8 weeks.  Based on this timeline we were thinking our doors would be installed by Thanksgiving.  
After 8 weeks passed with no response I called them to ask about the status and found out it would take another 1-2 weeks before the doors were ready.  
Rather than scheduling the installation date at that time they waited until the doors were in their warehouse and at that point the installation crew only had one available appointment within the next 4 weeks.  
I ended up taking time off of work to be home for the only available installation appointment and wasted my time as it turned out the doors were not measured correctly in the first place.  We then waited an additional 4 weeks for the doors to be modified and during the modification they broke the glass.  Now it's January and we are still without doors for another 8-10 weeks while they re-order the doors.  
At this point the whole process will take over 6 months and we were required to pay in full prior to the original installation appointment so we have no other option but to wait it out.

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