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Yelp Review - Sliding Door Company Complaint

2.0 star rating
Yelp Review - San Francisco

Two Stars this time... Is this Proof The Sliding Door Company is improving?

  • Philip B.
  • San Francisco, United States

  • 26/11/2017

    2 Stars for the final doors that look good 
    Congratulations TSDC!!!
    Lack of three stars due to price, service and unacceptable lead time and delivery
    My experience with The Sliding Door Company is similar to others here:
    I have gone to a lot of effort to detail the experiences of others on our Complaints page (Pinned at the top right corner of this blog).  I will be referring to this page throughout today's blog.
    - Final sliding door room divider looks good, but also came with $8,000 price tag
    - A lot of hidden and creeping costs throughout project. Forget about your initial quote and their online 'design tool' is a joke and not useful / representative of the real solution/limitations/options 
    Our Complaints page is filled with complaints about "creeping costs" and charges - sometimes made to credit cards without permission.  When you look at the Complaints page, search for the words "CHARGE" or "CREDIT CARD" and you will see many complaints about charging and overcharging by The Sliding Door Company.  
    - Lead time is unacceptable: Total time from first contact to delivery was 7 months!!
    Again, no surprise here.  Search the complaints page for the words "MONTHS" and "WEEKS".  Again, we see many people have experienced unexpected long wait times for this product.  Some have waited months only to find the product has arrived in the wrong size or color.

    - Employees are friendly, but level of service is low. Our point of contact was Diane Gong
    - As a customer you need to be on top of everything yourself. I had to design the door myself in CAD software to make sure they got it right. Several rounds of drawings i received from Sliding Door co were wrong or missing details... 
    Wait... we've heard of this very recently, here where a reviewer said:
     "the plans that were drawn up were not representative of the measurements that were taken (cost me another $1,000 to have my architect fix them" 
    ...or had the wrong measurements. Be prepared to review everything in extreme detail yourself!
     Again, looking at the Complaints page and querying for the word "MEASURE" will yield many, many results of people who received bad measurements.  Doing a search on this entire blog (see the "search" box") will find several blogs discussing the measurement problem.  I even blogged about the reason for the consistent mis-measurement problem here.
    - Expect a LOT of unreturned phone calls, emailing back and forth and even had to wait outside their showroom for 30mins for an employee who was "late for work" for our appointment to sign the final documents
    The Complaints page is filled with people trying to get customer service through emails and phone calls with the majority of the complaints being that NO emails or phone calls were returned.  On the Complaints page press CTRL-F to find the words "PHONE CALLS" or "EMAIL" or even "CUSTOMER SERVICE" and you will see many instances of what this reviewer is describing.
    - They will keep you waiting for all sorts of things: Put down deposit to receive final drawings which takes forever, wait several months for your door to be ready but then expect to wait an additional month for an installer to be ready to install the door. 
    "INSTALLER" is the query word for this problem, and when one sees the related complaints, it's easy to understand what the problem is.  The "installers" are often side contractors with their own schedules and priorities.  
    - In my case the installer cancelled on me 3 times, couldn't figure out how to get up the stairs with the door and sliding door co had "forgotten" to ship all the needed components such as handles (!) so we had to wait an additional 3 weeks to have the door completed.
    Query for "MISSING" and "FORGOT" 
    I feel Sliding Door Co has a pretty good product at a fair price, but they'ved dropped the ball on the customer experience side of things.
    Ya think?

    At this blog, we are doing the best we can to help The Sliding Door Company become ethical, maintain their clients, and grow their business without generating new complaints.  Yet, despite our best efforts, The Sliding Door Company continues to force us to reveal that customer satisfaction will NEVER be their top priority (or anywhere close).  

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