Friday, December 15, 2017

Sliding Door Company Reviews | Sliding Door Company Complaint...

Does The Sliding Door Company have a place for "complaints"? 

Yes, they actually named a landing page:  

Sliding Door Company Reviews | Sliding Door Company Complaint...
Surprise... The "complaints" are
actually glowing reviews

Why would The Sliding Door Company name a page like this?  There don't seem to be any complaints there...  The actual web address is the link below:

This more accurately describes what's on the page - glowing reviews for their products and services.  

So why misdirect people searching for "complaints" about them?  

Well, the reason is obvious - no business wants potential customers seeing complaints from existing and past customers.  While some businesses actually address the complaints of their customers, we've seen that The Sliding Door Company prefers to ignore these complaints or when they address them, try to make it sound as if the complainer is nothing more than... well... a complainer.  Better to herd potential customers away from places like Yelp, or The Sliding Door Complaint Blog and onto their own controlled page of reviews.

And let's be honest... People looking for complaints about The Sliding Door Company now have a great place to look for them.  The Sliding Door Complaint Blog has listed many, many complaints from customers and former customers of The Sliding Door Company.  

We have done something amazing here that Yelp reviewers cannot do.

We have connected the dots for consumers.  

Where an individual consumer might see a "bad measurement" we see a systemic problem of measurement "issues" relating to misinterpretation of measurements by the factory in China.

When an individual consumer says their "wheels keep breaking" - we identify multiple consumers with similar problems to show that the problem is with the wheels and not with the consumer.

When The Sliding Door Company gives a consumer "glass cleaner" to solve their seal failure issues, we point out that The Sliding Door Company knows this doesn't work and that consumers have had to have their doors replaced over this issue.  In other words, we point out the fraud that is their business model - certainly on this issue at least.

When a consumer complained that people's heels are being trapped in TSDC's door tracks, they resolve the issue for that consumer ONLY.  However, the problem is in their product and is MUCH bigger than this.

And for commercial customers, we have pointed out multiple problems with and even intentional violations of ADA laws.

TSDC really, really doesn't want people 
visiting the this blog.  So, by putting out a page with a title suggesting a consumer might find "complaints" they are betting that users looking for complaints about their products and services will instead find their glowing reviews page.
It's part of the mis-information they have become famous for (thanks in part to this blog)... and something they cannot discontinue  at this point.  

In today's world, credibility is everything... and when a company loses credibility with its own customers, getting it back requires honesty.  The Sliding Door Company is attempting to restore their reputation with  dishonest, misleading information.

People looking for the TRUTH about The Sliding Door Company will find this blog - hopefully, before they purchase anything, but in some cases they will find it after they have been misled and mistreated by The Sliding Door Company.

UPDATE: We've shamed them into changing the name of their landing spot... 

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