Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lip Service on Yelp

Lip Service!

I have been telling people they can get results by using Yelp to petition the Sliding Door Company for the service they have already paid for.  

Apparently, now even that doesn't work.  After publishing a negative Yelp review, Michael D received a response from The Sliding Door Company.

Here's the original complaint.

  • Michael D.
  • San Francisco, CA

  • 11/17/2017  Previous review

    To say I am dissatisfied with my experience is an understatement.   
    The short version of a very long story is that this company is extremely consistent in overpromising and missing each and every deliverable along the way:  the plans that were drawn up were not representative of the measurements that were taken (cost me another $1,000 to have my architect fix them), calls were never returned after they charged my credit card (I had to literally call every hour for 3 days until someone picked up), and they missed their promised delivery date by 7 weeks.  
    If I was getting doors from China for the "deal of a lifetime", I could live with the above, but not for a $20,000 price tag.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place.
    Here's the response from The Sliding Door Company's "Alex C" (who we know from past responses is Sheryl Hai Ami, the wife of the CEO).

    Comment from Alex C. of The Sliding Door Company Business Customer Service

    "Hi Michael,  Thank you for voicing your concerns about the experience you had with our company. We take this kind of feedback very seriously. I have shared this with our Executive Management team so that we can learn from it.

    Our team is currently looking into this situation and we will contact you soon. We deeply apologize for the stress this situation has caused.

    TSDC Team" 

     And here's what happened.
    12/8/2017   Updated review
    Update: I read the response and as expected, no one bothered to contact me to resolve the issue. Order is still a mess.

    Yes, at least, by now, Michael has the right expectations about The Sliding Door Company.  When The Sliding Door Company responds to a Yelp review with promises of "service" customers who have dealt with them don't even expect to receive the service.  What they have come to expect from the Sliding Door Company is "LIP SERVICE" and nothing more.

    Good Job TSDC Team!  You got a 1-star review for the job and another 1-star review for the Lip Service.  That must help your overall rating on Yelp, right?  

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