Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Is Doron Polus secretly Harvey Weinstein?

Me Too
Time magazine just named the "Me Too" movement as "Person of the Year".  The systemic and hidden abuse of men, women and children was known throughout Hollywood and within the world of politics.  Powerful people are being exposed on a daily basis for their abuses by these brave whistle blowers.

It started with the exposure of Harvey Weinstein - someone who, through his wealth and power, had tremendous influence over the people around him.  He used that influence to pressure people into doing things they didn't want to do - often sexual things but also illegal things - like getting people to help him cover up his crimes. 

For Harvey Weinstein - Hollywood mogul and accused sexual predator, it was more about humiliating people through exerting his power than it was about sex.  He literally enjoyed humiliating people.  And it's this sick type of thinking that makes The Sliding Door Company's CEO, Doron Polus remind me of him.

But wait, there's a creepy story about Mr. Polus going around too... let's cover that first...

Kimberly Antillon, my former friend and The Sliding Door Company's human resources manager, related the following story to me:

The Sliding Door Company hires employees regularly (there's a huge turn-over as you might expect).  During the training period, Kimberly was distributing shirts with The Sliding Door Company logo printed on them to some female employees who were gathered in the room where they kept the shirts.  TSDC's CEO, Doron Polus stopped by and asked them to "try them on" (This reminds me of when Trump visited the dressing rooms of the Miss Teen USA contestants).  Kimberly says she had to stop the young women who began undressing in front of their new boss.  
It is precisely this type of influence and control CEO's eventually realize they have over employees - and when they do, they invariably exploit that control.  Sometimes, they break the law when they do this - and as in my case, can get  employees and others to support their criminal actions.

How is Doron Polus like Harvey Weinstein?

It is evident to many people that the Harvey Weinstein was obsessed by his own power.  He used his influence and money to get people to cover up his crimes.  

Doron Polus is the same in this regard.  And as with Weinstein, suddenly Polus' victims started speaking up.  Not only his employees, but his own customers were victims as well.  Doron Polus is leaving a trail of victims as he claims to run a good company.  Doron Polus has made silly decisions which may hurt a LOT of people in general, but especially children and veterans.  He denies his products have problems with ADA... so disabled persons will just have to suffer through, I guess.  

The question is, why not simply comply with ADA laws and avoid lawsuits?  The only answer I can come up with is arrogance.  I would have said "ignorance" but I've already told Mr. Polus about his ADA violations, so he obviously doesn't care about accommodating the disabled.  In this regard, he's probably worse than Harvey Weinstein.  Apparently, Mr. Polus, like Mr. Weinstein, can afford to be sued by his victims... so why change?

I'm certain I'm not his last victim, but I may be his loudest.  And in light of Time Magazine's cover dedicated to whistle blowers, it's time to acknowledge that #MeToo also stands against the abuse and bullying subordinates receive at the hands of powerful and corrupt CEO's like Doron Polus.

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