Sunday, November 12, 2017

Green is their Color

A Happy Green Ogre
Green is good...  it's their color.  Their logo is green, their showroom is green... Their PRODUCTS are green... 

Wait what?  Their products?

Yes, their products sometimes have a greenish tinge that reviewers have identified.  In one case the problem was caught in time.  Let's have a peek at the reviews, shall we?
shawn g.  Santa Cruz, CA2.0 star rating 3/29/2012
If you live outside this company's service area you are out of luck. We desperately wanted them to do the install, but they refused even when we offered to pay.  We had to beg them to at least come and see the scope of the project once. This was a huge residential job for them. We had swing and sliding doors. They got some of the order wrong and the product is from China so it takes forever to get it corrected. And if you make a mistake you are screwed. For instance it is not possible to add a latch after fabrication. The good news and bad news is they have a variety of glass to choose from, you may not be able to have the class match in one room due to needing a different type of glass to perform a certain function ie. some glass has a green tint, some are white, some you can see through some, is more opaque. The product is beautiful and adds a lot to the character to a house, but I am disappointed with feel of the door and the latching options, not to mention their funky customer service.
The next reviewer is happy because the green tinted glass mistake was caught in time.
Brenda O.Crestline, CA5.0 star rating 10/21/2017
Like the other reviews, my husband and I went looking for the perfect closet doors for our bedroom remodel.  After ho-hum experiences with the Big Box stores we discovered The Sliding Door Company online.
Kristi Kehoe at the Pasadena store was fantastic! She was so thorough in explaining the process and clearly knows the product so well.  Better still, she was great after I discovered that the green hue in the glass we ordered would not go with our chosen wall color! She paused the order, arranged to have a sample of their new Milky/Deluxe white finish sent to us, and then patiently redid our order.  
The doors arrived on time, the installers were great, and we couldn't be happier.  I would highly recommend Kristi and The Sliding Door Company to anyone who is looking for closet doors!
So what is happening with this glass that makes it appear green?

The Sliding Door Company manufactures its own glass in China.  The greenish hue in the glass comes from the iron content in the glass.  Let's have a look at this greenish hue.

At first glance, it doesn't look so bad... but it definitely looks greenish compared to the adjacent wall.  

For a customer who is decorating their home, the greenish tint may or may not be pleasing to them.  Let's have a look at a larger picture... one that The Sliding Door Company promotes.

Above is one of The Sliding Door Company's promotional images.  Look at the beautiful colors the designer has picked.  Blue-gray walls and matching bed coverings.  White chair and lamp.  

The only thing out of place in this picture is the color of the glass!  

Clearly, this can be an unexpected problem for customers who are expecting white glass.

Green is their thing... and it will be yours too if you purchase this particular product.

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