Monday, November 20, 2017

Fresh Complaint

1.0 star rating
Here's a Fresh Complaint from a customer who simply expected The Sliding Door Company to do what they promised to do.  This was a $20,000 order, apparently, so obviously, not worth returning a phone call... especially after they had billed the client.  Let's look at the details of this review to see if we can spot anything that has been a recurring complaint and still  hasn't been addressed.

Yelp Review
To say I am dissatisfied with my experience is an understatement.
The short version of a very long story is that this company is extremely consistent in
overpromising and missing each and every deliverable along the way:  the plans that were drawn up were not representative of the measurements that were taken (cost me another $1,000 to have my architect fix them), calls were never returned after they charged my credit card (I had to literally call every hour for 3 days until someone picked up), and they missed their promised delivery date by 7 weeks.  
If I was getting doors from China for the "deal of a lifetime", I could live with the above, but not for a $20,000 price tag.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place.

The first complaint is "overpromising".  This is, of course, a huge problem for The Sliding Door Company.  They know (and we know from other reviewers) that it takes 12 weeks from the time the order is placed until the doors arrive.  I'm sure some customers look elsewhere when they hear their doors will arrive in three months.

The twelve weeks doesn't even start from when the customer places the order... it starts when the company/sales person places the order.  Sadly, The Sliding Door Company is often not honest about this and so I have to explain the process to their customers.

The customer typically orders the product in the showroom.  That means they will give a deposit and decide on glass and frame options.  THEN, a measurement will be scheduled.  From the complaints page, this could take two weeks.  Once the measurements have been taken, the order is placed.  Twelve weeks after that, the doors arrive and an installation must be scheduled.  That may also take a week or two.  So customers should expect to wait LONGER than 12 weeks for their doors to arrive.

This assumes the doors have been measured correctly.  We have seen in many complaints that the doors are NOT measured correctly.  So, almost four months into the project, the doors may arrive the WRONG SIZE.  Indeed, this is what happened to the reviewer above.  He says:
"the plans that were drawn up were not representative of the measurements that were taken (cost me another $1,000 to have my architect fix them)" 
We already know measuring is not their strong suit... but apparently the measurements were correct in this case.  Somewhere in the process, the person preparing the plans for the installation screwed up the measurements.  The CUSTOMER had to pay to correct this error.  Why?

"calls were never returned after they charged my credit card"
This is another recurring complaint we've heard.  Once they get their money, the sale is over as far as they are concerned.  Don't expect any customer support - it doesn't exist.
"they missed their promised delivery date by 7 weeks"
That's no surprise to readers of this blog either and I'm sure was just icing on the cake for this particular project.  So regardless of the size of the project, customers of The Sliding Door Company will be equally treated with the same disregard.  

Poor Quality and Poor Service

It's what people have come to expect from The Sliding Door Company.  This client is dissatisfied after spending $20,000 with The Sliding Door Company - and they don't bother to return his calls.  Let's keep an eye on this review, shall we?  Negative Yelp reviews seem to be the only hope for people dealing with The Sliding Door Company.  Hopefully, Shery Hai-Ami (Alex C) will respond to explain that there are two sides to every story... or provide some other excuse as to why this particular customer had "issues" that prevented them from doing a good job. 

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