Saturday, October 28, 2017

World's Dumbest Product

We've all seen them - products you look at and think "Who would ever use something as silly as this."  People in business want to sell consumers products.  If the consumer doesn't need the product, businesses try to make them believe they need the product.  There are countless examples in the world, but naturally, we're going to use one from our good friends at The Sliding Door Company.

We saw the picture above in the post "Playing God" and we already know that this particular product and similar products were intentionally "weakened" by TSDC CEO, Doron Polus to save money.  That already makes this product a terrible choice for any business but as always, there is a LOT more silliness going on than often meets the eye.

Let's take a look at the product itself.  To do that, we need to look at the picture above and see what is NOT part of their product.  

How many times have you been sitting in your cubicle and thought to yourself, "You know what might make this cubicle better?  More WALLS." 

Well, you don't have to think about things like that anymore (and shouldn't you be working?) because The Sliding Door Company has the solution.  What we are seeing in the photo above is an office furniture system that has been "upgraded" by applying The Sliding Door Company's products.  Let's see what they did.

1. They raised the walls so no more of this.

By the way, don't the glass office
partitions in this picture look nice?  You may have guessed, they are NOT from The Sliding Door Company.

2. They added their patented sliding door track to the floor.  

If you have carpet, it was glued to the carpet.

Employees with high heeled shoes must ensure they never walk on the track in order to avoid injury.

Depending on the installation, these tracks can get very wide.

3. They added sliding doors IN FRONT of the office cubicle.  To do this, they have to add a 4x4 post which we now know is not even secured as well as it used to be so, less safe than before, but cheaper.  

This is, of course, unsuitable for many office environments because often, minimum-width aisles are used and so, again, in such instances, using The Sliding Door Company's product would violate ADA aisle clearance regulations.  I'm certain the measurement experts at The Sliding Door Company verify their product meets ADA when they do such installations.

As a side note, I have personally produced over 1 million sq feet of space planning partition designs.

4. And their doors and windows may have an unknown substance leaking from them.

5. And who knows if the handle heights will meet ADA?

So, does adding The Sliding Door Company's glass walls and sliding doors to office cubicles they aren't designed for add anything of value to customers?

The obvious answer is NO... but...

If you're looking for a headache, you've come to the right place.  Clearly, working with The Sliding Door Company's customer service department can help.  If you're looking to add value to your company, you might want to look elsewhere.

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