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The Sliding Door Company has "Issues"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, some of the most valuable and credible information about the Sliding Door Company comes from their 5-Star reviews.  I searched a few of their glowing reviews for the word "issues" to see what issues have come up with their happiest customers.

Here's one of my favorites:

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  • San Diego, CA  2/3/2016

This rating is for Justin, the field tech that came to our home today to fix a noise that our sliding doors were making.  We had them installed in our guest room in August of 2014, and after a visit last month from some dear friends, the one side started making a loud noise when we opened it.  (Tip:  since these are high end products with automatic closures, we would suggest giving a short clinic to anyone that might be visiting and using them, as they can't just be slammed shut)  
OK, so here's some good information.  Guests need to be trained before using this product - otherwise they may destroy it.
Justin was wonderful and even though the main problem was with the right side of the closet, he also said the other side was not sliding smoothly. He spent the extra time  to take off both doors, put new wheels on both,  and re-align them them so they now work perfectly.  We appreciated how he paid attention to detail and didn't just rush through the job in 10 minutes. The appointment lasted for an hour.
Justin seems to be worth his weight in gold.  But seriously, 1-1/2 years into owning this product and it required an hour's worth of maintenance?  It's a sliding door.
As far as the company goes: we have been happy with their service. We origonally ordered frosted glass doors but the vapor from the frames disinigrated the frosting near the sides.  After two unsuccessful trys to fix them, the company just ordered new plain glass doors for us.  
Ah, the famous seal failure issue.  Yes, this "issue" has hounded The Sliding Door Company for years.  Still no idea how to fix it apparently.  Glass cleaner doesn't work, but they know this. 
There is a three year warrenty for parts and they waived the $125 service call, which we greatly appreciated.  We would recommend this company, just be aware that you have to be gentle when using the product.
This is interesting.  They claim they offer a 10 year warranty.  At least they waived the $125 service call for this customer.

Let's go to another review, shall we?  This one is from about the same time.  I have highlighted this review before.  Again, Justin is saving the day for this customer.  Yay, Justin!
I had these doors installed for seven different openings in my home, which was quite an investment.  I've enjoyed them greatly for years, though I recently had some issues with a couple of cracked track guides/wheels as well as the gas within the panes leaking onto the inside at the borders of the doors, giving the appearance of the frosted look etching away (apparently this is a problem with the sealing tape rather than the gaskets).  
Oh dear, same problems as the previous reviewer.  Cracked wheels and stuff leaking onto the frosted glass.
After a lengthy setup time to have a service person come by the house, I was very impressed with Justin who addressed all of the issues and left me with a bottle of glass cleaner to address the symptom of the slow-leak gasket/tape problem.  He was very friendly, professional, efficient, and helpful in resolving all of the doors' issues.  Overall I like the product and greatly appreciate Justin's help.
Yes, the glass cleaner gag worked on this customer.  In the review above this one, The Sliding Door Company had to replace the doors completely.  

Let's have a look at another glowing review:
  • Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, United States  11/15/2016
Oh my! Oh my! why have i not written a review for this super mega ultra fabulous company? I love love love my doors.
I have had nothing but great experiences with this company. They are more than happy to assist you when something does not work.
This review is specifically for MANNY who works for the company. He is a true gentlemen. He goes above and beyond and is extremely professional.
OK, so at this location it's Manny who is keeping their customer satisfied.
When  you call the culver city location it is a bit scary it sounds like a not so experienced person is working for the company thankfully I did not have to deal with her.  She sounds timid and scared. Not good.
OK, but let's get to the "issue"... 
Anyway, I have these doors in my store. Only issue i have are the wheels keep breaking which is a bit frustrating but I always get assisted to replace them. I have had to pay for the service which is annoying but I guess that is what you have to do.
Wait, what? The wheels "keep breaking" and the customer pays a service charge each time they are replaced?  And THAT is what you have to do? 
I am giving this company 5 stars because they always take care of what is needed plus my doors are gorgeous.  Manny!  He is great!

Well, kudos to Manny and I suppose if you're happy with a product that keeps breaking and requires you to continually pay to have it fixed, then yeah - 5 Stars!

Below is another satisfied customer - but only because he personally stayed on top of his sales order to ensure it wasn't screwed up.
  • Sacramento, United States   1/9/2017
I wanted sliding doors for privacy in my loft; I had very specific ideas about what I wanted. I found The Sliding Door's website and they offered exactly what I wanted--except the price was way more than I wanted to pay. So, I procrastinated, looked elsewhere and finally looked at their website again and found they were offering sale prices on some of their doors. I'll fast forward to the installation, which was two months later. The installers were polite and professional, did a wonderful job, and had the doors in place in less time that I expected. These doors are gorgeous. They reach from floor to my 10' ceiling. They glide so smoothly they are virtually frictionless and make a soft, almost silent 'whoosh' sound when they glide open or closed. I chose a frosted glass which is perfect for the application; the glass allows light to filter in but obscures the view. Other residents in the building have been stopping by to see them as word spreads about these fabulous doors that offer privacy and a sleek, modern design. 
The first half of the review sounds like it could be a testimonial.  But then "there were some issues"
So.... to fill in the blank between 'ordering' and 'installing'... suffice to say there were some issues that were mostly due to the salesperson not updating my choices.
We're slowly realizing that the "salesperson" will determine to a great degree what type of experience a customer has at The Sliding Door Company.  
If I didn't have emails to document conversations about detail/option changes between my initial contact with the company and when I placed the order I would have been stuck with doors that were not at all what I wanted and selected. It took more than a few phone calls and emphatic insistence on my part to have the order corrected. 
Yes, this customer is fortunate that he had proof of the error.  Still he had to have "emphatic insistence" and monitor the sales process to ensure he got what he ordered.  Otherwise, he says "I would have been stuck with doors that were not at all what I wanted and selected".
My advice to those who want absolute top quality doors: purchase them from The Sliding Door Company, but (!) make sure what you select is what the salesperson enters on your order contract. Check and double check again. I'm thrilled with the doors and I plan on ordering two more doors for other rooms.
 Still, a 5-star review for a company that screwed up his order right before his very eyes.

Looking at The Sliding Door Company's reviews can be very revealing.  In a future blog, we will be taking a look at how The Sliding Door Company responds to customers who complain.

Stay tuned... 

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