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Another Product Complaint

Barn Door Product
Below is a fairly recent Yelp review is from the Seattle Sliding Door Company - which is part of the West Coast team under Doron Polus and his family.  This poor customer wanted a door that, you know... actually functions!  

Again, anyone who reads this blog knows that The Sliding Door Company's products are kind of "hit-or-miss" when it comes to actually working properly.  

After a classic case of bad measurements being taken by TSDC, the door or the parts to install it must have arrived in the wrong size - again, no surprise to readers of this blog.  Hey, maybe they got the color right this time?  I know there were serious issues with this product that have never been resolved to my knowledge.

In reading the review, it appears The Sliding Door Company also performed "misquotes" whatever that is... perhaps they mis-spoke, but the reviewer follows it up with "Overpriced is an understatement".  Did they intentionally "misquote" the price?  Is this why so many reviews claim to have hidden charges show up on their bill?  We may have to look into this further in a separate blog since unexpected charges seems to come up quite often in reviews of The Sliding Door Company.  

The reviewer says "Tomas, our sales person, made several errors throughout the process and was not well trained."  A poorly-trained sales person can obviously cause a lot of headaches down the road.  Dear Sliding Door Company, please take a few minutes out of your busy day to train Tomas, because if for some reason a sale doesn't go perfectly through the system, customers are stuck dealing with your non-responsive customer service department.  

Beauty and Eligance

Somebody, for example, sold the system pictured on the left.  In this installation, a sliding door system configuration was sold that is clearly unsafe.  The metal sliding door crosses over an electrical outlet so that anything plugged into it can be damaged, or damage the door, or worse.  Nobody can say a customer could not get an electrical shock after bringing the door into contact with an electrical plug in that outlet.  A salesperson with even a tiny bit of training and integrity would never have sold this.  The customer has not added value to their home and in all likelihood will need to remove these doors if they ever try to sell their home.

Getting back to the revew...

The reviewer, got the run-around from someone identified as Lisa P whom I'm assuming is Lisa Pickett, their regional sales manager.  Ms. Pickett apparently couldn't be less helpful when she finally contacted the customer.  In fact, she apparently kept this customer hanging on by claiming the problem would be resolved.  It never was, apparently.

Yelp link

  • Tracy K.
  • Kapaa, HI
  • 1/12/2017
    I am currently in the middle of the worst customer service  and product mess with these people. We started the project November of 2016 and now in January 2017 we still have a non functioning door after spending more than $2000.00 on it. They made several incorrect measurements and misquotes. Overpriced is an understatement, but I could have dealt with that if the customer service was better. Tomas, our sales person, made several errors throughout the process and was not well trained. Even when I called and spoke to Lisa P about the issues, we continued to have problems. Many of our email and phone calls went unanswered . When she did finally make contact, Lisa continued to tell us that it was going to be resolved, but it wasn't. The door has now stopped functioning less than two weeks after instal. What a disappointing experience. I can only suggest staying far away from any company who should behave this way.
    Sadly, The Sliding Door Company has been using the name of one of the sweetest, nicest, friendliest and happiest people at their company as the pseudonym for Sheryl Hai-Ami, the wife of the CEO, Doron Polus.  This particular "Alex C." responds in the most insensitive way possible:

    Comment from Alex C. of The Sliding Door Company 
    1/27/2017  While we apologize for your experience, we can confidently say every effort was taken to efficiently address your concerns and work you and your contractor within the schedule constraints.  Now that your Barn Door is installed and everything resolved, we wish you many years ahead enjoying the quality, beauty and elegance our TSDC door added to your home.
    "While we apologize for your experience" or something to that effect seems to be at the beginning of many responses from The Sliding Door Company.  Then, of course, comes the denial of doing anything wrong.  Sometimes, as we've seen, they claim their customers are liars.    They will claim they did nothing wrong, as always.  

    Does anyone reading this blog actually believe "every effort was made" by ANYONE at The Sliding Door Company?  The reviewer apparently had to hire a contractor to somehow install the mis-measured, mis-quoted door.  

    Notice the part "Now that your Barn Door is installed and everything is resolved"? 

    Is this trying to suggest to the people reading this review that "everything is resolved" when it hasn't been?  Is The Sliding Door Company suggesting something that isn't true here?

    I guess now that everything is resolved, we will be seeing an updated review by Tracy K to let us know this.  Lacking this, we should assume Tracy's problems may just be beginning and that The Sliding Door Company is lying about having "resolved" anything with this particular reviewer.  

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