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New Review - Same Story

TSDC begins Re-Branding
In covering all the recent legal issues facing The Sliding Door Company, I fear I have neglected some of their recent work.  One would think they may have improved their attitude since getting so much recent scrutiny here.  

Of course there's no way to gauge how or if The Sliding Door Company will improve the way they do things.  In the mean time, we will just keep watching them.

Here's a fresh review that is quite extensive.  It is from a previously satisfied customer.  Yes, bad service can destroy even existing customers.  Apparently, The Sliding Door Company doesn't know how to... you know... SHIP their stuff to their customers.  Clearly they would rather pressure people to use their own installers who... you know... BULLY their customers.

Yelp Review

  • Elle S.
  • New York, NY
  • 8/3/2017
    Product and sales people were great there. I love my glass walls I designed and they are removable and I took this walls with me to my new Soho apartment. But you will need to order a new track from Sliding Door Company because it gets destroyed at removable which you will be not informed when you first ordered.
    When I was referred to material department, my good experiences with this company was completely ruined. Dahlia who is in charge of this department was was terrible. She was not helpful, gave me lack of information overall, and also tells me they won't ship it opposed to I was told by the sales it costs $150 for shippment because I decided to not to work with Highline Design for the installation which Sliding Door Company partners with. Dahlia was trying to sell me a business with Highline design. She had a meticulous information about why it is important to work with highline design regardless my wish of not to work with Highline design. I had already hired someone I thought was very professional and I had already made up my mind. Sliding door company only work with Highline Design for installing. While they ship/deliver materials for $150, she told me Sliding door company won't ship it, so I was very surprised and called her. She told me they won't deliver unless I work with Highline Design and I will need to pick them up myself all the way to the warehouse in Bronx. 
    This is similar to the attitude we found in the Oooey Gooey blog post.  Let's continue...
    Useally, when you do the work for yourself, you save money.
    Who would be happy with this service? Do people in Manhattan usually own a car and used to driving around here? I don't think so. New York City does not even require you to own a driver's license for your ID. Dahlia gave me information of the wearhouse address and nothing else. For example, there was no information about hours while wearhouse close at 2pm! unlike their store hours, no driving direction whatsoever.
    I am new to living in Manhattan and there was no way I could figure out picking up materials by driving from Manhattan to Bronx was very hectic and especially with a truck!  Usually doing thing yourself gets cheaper in general, but it was not the case. She had no problem having me rent a truck, drive, get lost, not knowing wearhouse close at 2pm.
    I did not make it on time because I was not clearly informed. Also I got lost a couple of times and only thing I had to know a way was a google map. A good customer service would provide the best way for their customers to get what they want. Besides, I was a customer spent more than $4500 to work with Sliding Door Company about 5 months before then. I talked to Sliding Door Company over the phone while I still had the rented truck for another three hours, but there was no help provided. I was very upset.
    She also yelled over the phone saying she told me the wearhouse close at 2pm on the phone before and it counts as a customer care even if it was not clear to me. Many things could miss out hearing over the phone. Why am I responsible for a bad customer service? I spent chunk of money for renting a truck, paying toll fees, gas, and etc and 8 - 9 hours of getting lost and driving, and still no sympathy, help, whatsoever. It exceeded $300 for this mess. I missed my friend's birthday because of this and it was a terrible two days.  It was a important gathering for me to attend, but Sliding Door company is just careless. I have already gave them a business by providing a new customer this year which made them over $3000. Until this day, they are still ignoring my messages and has no intention to take care of this issue. They mailed a $100 check for referral program. This does not cover my loss and I deserve to have this $100 not for paying for renting a truck. They are a large company vs. me, Elle, living alone in and new to NYC. I don't know people, streets and many things here yet. It was a scary, uncomfortable, and feel terrible 2 days.

    Reply from "Alex C" (AKA Sheryl Hai Ami)

    8/3/2017  Dear Elle,
    Firstly, I would like to apologize for the ordeal you have been through. We at The Sliding Door Company believe in our high quality products, exceptional customer care and of course most importantly, our client's satisfaction and loyalty!

    The East Coast Sliding Door Company was an affiliate of ours and was recently acquired by us. 
    Because we truly value your feedback and experience, we are hoping to have fresh start together and a chance to resurrect your good opinion that you have had about us.
    We would like to contact you offline in order to assure your utmost satisfaction with our product and that everything is resolved.
    Thank you, TSDC Executive Team  

    Yeah, we want your business... while we give you the business.  We don't mind that we have destroyed your track by gluing it down, and then wouldn't ship you a new one but rather insisted you use OUR installers to hand-deliver it to you. Oh, and thanks for the referral.

    It isn't like the tracks are cheap, right.  At $150 for delivery by a trained installer, you would think they must be made out of gold?  

    Below are three pictures of TSDC's showrooms and offices.  At the transition between the wall and the floor is a "baseboard" feature.  Look closely at the pictures below - You can Click on them to Enlarge them.  Look at the baseboard closely.  Yes... what you are seeing is their TRACKS being used as baseboards.  

    How can they afford to do that?  Maybe the tracks aren't as expensive as they claim they are?

    So, we've learned today that the tracks are basically disposable - and that may be why they are glued down to the customer's carpet even when the customer doesn't want that.  And when the customer needs a replacement track, they can certainly purchase one and pay $150 for hand-delivery and even more for installation.  

    Poor Elle, above, went through a huge ordeal in order to pick up a track that TSDC basically uses as a throw-away item.  But you would never know that... unless you visit one of TSDC's showrooms, that is. 

    And let's be honest here.  If you're reading this blog, you probably won't be visiting any of The Sliding Door Company's showrooms any time soon.

    UPDATE - Elle has updated her review... now she gives The Sliding Door Company FIVE STARS!  Here's what she wrote:  

    8/3/2017I had originally given The Sliding Door Company 1 star and posted my experiences in detail. At the time, there was no place I could claim a complain, but the company saw my review, reached out, has given a sincere apology, and took care of all the problem. Because one person mistreated a customer (me), they did not deserve a one star and I am re writing my review. I very much appreciate their apology and now that I can trust the Sliding Door Company again. Their products are great, and I feel good about everything now. Thank you for the managements to reach out to me and solve the problems. I'd recommend The Sliding Door Company to people. I'd be happy to refer my friends to them.

    While this is wonderful news, readers of this blog know that that a customer being mistreated isn't a one-off situation.  We have many pages of complaints from customers who have been treated poorly.  Yet they somehow convinced poor Elle, not only that they were sorry (remember, they originally stated it was the fault of an "affiliate" and not them) but that she shouldn't have given their affiliate a bad review either.  OK... all well and good, but this teaches customers of The Sliding Door Company a valuable lesson... COMPLAIN LOUDLY or you won't get any customer service.  Complain on Yelp because they read those reviews.

    Oh, and feel free to submit complaints HERE as well.  I'm happy to post any and all complaints about The Sliding Door Company.  People should not have to go through a nightmare like Elle did and like many others here have when they purchase a very expensive product.  If nobody speaks out, nobody will know.

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