Thursday, September 21, 2017

King FU

I enjoyed writing the recent blog post about Doron Polus (Doronatello), the Kung-Fu master and his attempts to intimidate me during his own deposition.  It reminded me, oddly enough, about a story regarding Inspections, Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Many years ago, I worked with an inspector who inspected items that were being produced by the company's machine shop.  He would examine each part to ensure it met all the specifications on the drawings. 
On occasion, a part didn't pass inspection.  He had a special marking he placed on parts that were made incorrectly.  His special marking was FU (indicating the part was a F*ck-Up).  He would mark FU on the part and throw it into a FU bin.
One day, the company president was walking some potential clients through the building and, as it happened, one of them picked up one of the parts marked FU.  He inquired about the marking asking "What does FU stand for".  Without missing a beat, the inspector replied "Functionally Unsuitable".

Quality Control is something The Sliding Door Company has considered unnecessary.  Let's face it - it's a lot of work to open each box that has arrived from China, examine the contents and close it again.  It's much easier to assume the product in the box is the correct color, the correct size, has all the required parts, and hasn't been damaged during shipment.  Of course, former customers and readers of this blog know The Sliding Door Company has no business making such assumptions.

The Complaints page dispels any idea that TSDC's products are inspected before shipment and installation.  We know they leave stuff out of the box - and even admit this.  We know THEY know about their leaking gaskets which have been problematic for many years.  Nobody knows what is leaking out of them.  

We know the doors often arrive two inches too short.  Since they were sued over this, they must know it too.  It seems like a door that's 2" short could be spotted if anybody would bother to check.  But then what?  Send it back to the factory in China and tell the customer they need to wait another twelve weeks for a replacement?  

Then there's the regular ADA violations.  They actually know about these but continue to sell non-compliant products to save money.  

And really, what is a Quality Inspector supposed to say about a product like a door track that is DESIGNED to be unsafe?  It meets all their specifications yet people can get hurt using it.  What is the inspector supposed to check?  

Their problematic tracks would pass inspection.  Their entire product line is built around an unsafe design.  They even patented the problematic feature that traps high heels. 

How can I describe how serious this particular FU is?

Why would anyone build a company around an unsafe product?

It's the FU of all FU's.  Doron must be King FU!


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