Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Fall Guy

There always has to be a fall guy... and now we know who it will be.  Bend over Eyal, it looks like Doron sold you out.

What an amazing man Doron Polus, CEO of The Sliding Door Company is.  

What an fascinating background.  It's hard to tell, by looking at him, that he's a military-trained martial arts expert.  His employees should feel safe around him... what with all that Military Kung-fu background and all... 

OK, so he loses his temper and blows up at people once in a while... but employees should know that just in case somebody like me every drops by, Doron made it clear he would be using his Kung-fu if necessary.  
Employees and Customers can feel SAFE when
Doronatello is near. 

I must have really dodged a bullet when this Kung-fu master was yelling at me at the top of his lungs.  I realize now, it could have gotten much worse.  

The only person in this case who has lost his temper and displayed violent behavior, after all, is Doron!

During his deposition, Doronatello made it a point to glare at me when he talked about hurting people who might visit his showrooms.  I think I was supposed to be terrified by him.  
Who wouldn't be?  I mean - Just LOOK at him!

He also mentioned he might sue me in the future. I guess he realizes I'm going to win my case against him - otherwise why would he bother? 

So, you would think this obviously brave man and courageous Kung-fu warrior would follow through and protect his employees when the chips are down.  You might think that, but then you might be wrong.  Cowards look out for themselves.

Readers of this blog know I was spied on during the time I worked at The Sliding Door Company.  Special spyware was installed on my computer in order to record conversations I was having - even from HOME!  

Who installed the spyware?  That is clear - it was Eyal Salpeter, Doron's son-in-law and their IT manager.  I even warned Eyal not to do this a second time because I felt he would be committing a crime!  Spying/wiretapping on someone engaged in a protected activity is a crime.  Whistle-blowing is a protected activity.  Whoever authorized the spying committed a crime.

Did Doron ask Eyal to spy on me?  He testified under oath that he didn't. So, apparently, Eyal, someone I personally went to extra effort to protect from joining Doron in criminal activity, acted alone - according to Doron.  Is Eyal going to be hung out to dry while the Kung-fu fighter disavows any knowledge or responsibility that spyware was installed on my computer?

I don't want to keep going into the criminal penalties for spying on people and wire-tapping (spying in real time - something I know happened as someone at one point took over my computer screen at work)... but they are serious.  Apparently, they are serious enough that Doron would rather have Eyal face the charges, if they come about than face them himself.

That takes courage... Kung-fu courage.
Naturally, Doron expects his employees to be good soldiers... and take one for the team when necessary.  
I suspect Eyal was following orders but will do whatever he has to in order to keep Doron out of trouble.

Kung-fu cowards make horrible leaders, in my opinion.

But let's not let my incident, or Eyal's throw people off about Doron.  People should absolutely feel safe around him.  Wouldn't you?

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