Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sticky Situation

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The Sliding Door Company has submitted evidence and testimony in my case against them.  As part of their evidence, they submitted a letter describing their attempts to paint me as physically violent to the police department.  

I described some discrepancies with evidence supplied by TSDC's first attorney, Susan Bendavid, and by their new attorney.  It will be interesting to find out if they showed Detective Webb all four post-it notes or just the two that Ms. Bendavid provided to my previous attorney.

They also mention the "independent" investigation, so I think we will need to get the testimony of their independent investigator, Linda Harris of JorgensenHR, to confirm that they showed her all the post-it notes during her investigation.

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There is evidence to suggest that multiple people knew about all four post-it notes, so if anyone withheld evidence, it could be a conspiracy - which is a felony.  To the left is an entry from (former) Human Resources Manager, Kimberly Antillion.  She clearly states "Just after 5:00 this evening, Doron and Eyal called me into Pete's office to see ALL of the post-it notes he had left on his computer AND HIS OFFICE."  

This makes it clear that at least three people witnessed all four post-it notes.  So, why did TSDC's former attorney, Susan Bendavid, show my former attorney only two post-it notes?  Again, either Susan Bendavid withheld evidence she knew might strengthen my case, or The Sliding Door Company withheld the evidence from their then attorney, Susan Bendavid.  Ms. Bendavid's whole case to my attorney was that I threatened these people with post-it notes and lied about it.  She literally said I lied in a letter to my former attorney.  Did her clients lie to her, or did she lie about the evidence?  

I can't help but remember the "emergency breast cancer surgery" claim that was used to delay the court hearing with the DLSE...  I sure hope there is a receipt for that surgery showing it occurred just before the court hearing.  If not, there may be some more obstruction of justice charges being filed against someone.

Justice is blind - and carries a sword
I know, it sounds like a threat when I claim wrongdoers have to face legal consequences for their wrong-doing.  Too bad.  These people went to a LOT of effort to defame me for no other reason than to cover up their own crimes.  Unfortunately, the only way to get justice at this point is to ensure that this case sees a courtroom.  Many people are apparently involved in this, some willingly, some unwillingly.  It will literally take a court case to sort this all out, and that's exactly what I'm waiting for... no settlements.  They've dragged this out for three years, at tremendous harm to me and to my family - so what's one more, right?  

Justice is what matters at this point!

The previous day in the above ledger testimony by Kimberly Antillion, she describes a hear-say description of an encounter I had with Bob Delia.  In it she betrays that I did indeed warn Bob not to get involved in the illegal retaliation efforts by Doron Polus.  While we have Ms Antillion's hear-say evidence about Bob Delia's words, we don't seem to have Bob's written testimony about the incident.  I'm guessing Bob doesn't want to get involved in Doron's illegal activity... who can blame him?  I hope to call him as a witness.

Note: To my friends who are reading this blog to learn more about product safety and ethics issues concerning The Sliding Door Company, I apologize for not focusing more on this in recent posts.  I promise a future blog about product failure issues with The Sliding Door Company's wheels, as well as known problems with their commercial swing doors and pivot hinges when used with a closer.  There are plenty of these types of issues to cover... please stay tuned...

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