Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Oooey Gooey

From our Complaints page:
  • Leslie B.   Los Angeles, CA   11/13/2015
First, the installers glued down a track that had obvious defects -- 2 scratches that I was later told must have been from the manufacturer.  However, they did not bring this to my attention before they glued it down (also the silicon oozed out from under the track). 
Peter N.   PARSIPPANY, NJ   6/20/2015
Be careful when dealing with this company they quote you one price then switch prices when they send you the order to sign. Also they promise to install the door under the carpet but when the installer arrived he claimed he didn't do that and if I wouldn't let him install it on top of the carpet they would just leave the door and charge me for the installation anyway. 

Trust Us... We won't Screw You!

That's right, there are no screws holding these tracks down, The Sliding Door Company GLUES down their tracks... well, actually they're YOUR tracks now.  They even say so this time, kind of.  

OK, most homeowners don't fully understand terms like "Finished Floor" and "Sub Flooring".  And the pictures may be a little confusing especially if you have carpet.

Why the confusion about carpet?

If you have a hardwood or other solid floor material, the pictures probably match your situation pretty closely.  So, what happens when there is carpet on the floor?  The carpet represents the "Finished Floor" in these cases.

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Clearly, the consumers above expected something different than what they received.  At least one consumer above believes he was promised the track would be installed "UNDER THE CARPET" and was surprised when it was not.  

The picture (left) shows the three different ways The Sliding Door Company installers glue the track down. 

Consumers who expected their track would go UNDER the carpet and attach to the sub floor may have been looking at "Opt. 3".  Indeed, that would be a very sensible way to install a track where there is carpeting.  The track would be attached to the sub-floor.  

I suspect customers may be surprised when "Opt. 1" or "Opt. 2" are insisted upon by the installers.  These options make absolutely NO sense when carpet is involved.

The Magic Carpet Ride

Typically there will be carpet padding underneath the carpet.  

The padding can be 5/8" or more thick.  It gives carpet a spongy feeling when you walk on it.  So, what happens when The Sliding Door Company installs their tracks ON TOP of the carpet?  Remember, the tracks are glued down... NOT screwed down.  So, essentially, the sliding door track is floating on top of the carpet.  Wherever the carpet goes, the track goes.  At the top of the sliding door system there is a channel which allows the door to float.  So the weight of the door works against the carpet pad each time the door is opened and closed. 

The track is on top of the carpet and also on top of the pad, so it will bow as much as an inch with the weight of the door, OR the weight of a person stepping on the track.  Since the track is not glued to the sub-floor, the track can be damaged or warped and cause problems.  

What happens if the carpet gets wet?  Does the idea of carpet molding underneath your sliding door track sound reasonable?

And what happens in a home where the carpet is re-stretched?  Could this pull the door out of alignment?  Of course.  But it gets worse...

What happens when the homeowner replaces the carpet?  

OK, they're screwed because TSDC literally stuck it to them...

What is a homeowner supposed to do when they replace the carpets in their home?  

Remember, the old carpet and pad are glued to the sliding door track so there's no chance of removing those, apparently.   

Are they supposed to leave a strip of the old carpet underneath the sliding door and put new carpet around it?  And if so, WTF is going to hold it in place?  The pad isn't glued down, and the carpet isn't glued to the pad.  The sliding door track's own weight is all that is holding the system together at that point.

Clearly there is something wrong with this idea.  But again, it saves the installer a LOT of time if they can simply glue the track onto your carpet.  

And, of course, at The Sliding Door Company, time is money!

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