Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Is Doron Polus secretly Harvey Weinstein?

Me Too
Time magazine just named the "Me Too" movement as "Person of the Year".  The systemic and hidden abuse of men, women and children was known throughout Hollywood and within the world of politics.  Powerful people are being exposed on a daily basis for their abuses by these brave whistle blowers.

It started with the exposure of Harvey Weinstein - someone who, through his wealth and power, had tremendous influence over the people around him.  He used that influence to pressure people into doing things they didn't want to do - often sexual things but also illegal things - like getting people to help him cover up his crimes. 

For Harvey Weinstein - Hollywood mogul and accused sexual predator, it was more about humiliating people through exerting his power than it was about sex.  He literally enjoyed humiliating people.  And it's this sick type of thinking that makes The Sliding Door Company's CEO, Doron Polus remind me of him.

But wait, there's a creepy story about Mr. Polus going around too... let's cover that first...

Kimberly Antillon, my former friend and The Sliding Door Company's human resources manager, related the following story to me:

The Sliding Door Company hires employees regularly (there's a huge turn-over as you might expect).  During the training period, Kimberly was distributing shirts with The Sliding Door Company logo printed on them to some female employees who were gathered in the room where they kept the shirts.  TSDC's CEO, Doron Polus stopped by and asked them to "try them on" (This reminds me of when Trump visited the dressing rooms of the Miss Teen USA contestants).  Kimberly says she had to stop the young women who began undressing in front of their new boss.  
It is precisely this type of influence and control CEO's eventually realize they have over employees - and when they do, they invariably exploit that control.  Sometimes, they break the law when they do this - and as in my case, can get  employees and others to support their criminal actions.

How is Doron Polus like Harvey Weinstein?

It is evident to many people that the Harvey Weinstein was obsessed by his own power.  He used his influence and money to get people to cover up his crimes.  

Doron Polus is the same in this regard.  And as with Weinstein, suddenly Polus' victims started speaking up.  Not only his employees, but his own customers were victims as well.  Doron Polus is leaving a trail of victims as he claims to run a good company.  Doron Polus has made silly decisions which may hurt a LOT of people in general, but especially children and veterans.  He denies his products have problems with ADA... so disabled persons will just have to suffer through, I guess.  

The question is, why not simply comply with ADA laws and avoid lawsuits?  The only answer I can come up with is arrogance.  I would have said "ignorance" but I've already told Mr. Polus about his ADA violations, so he obviously doesn't care about accommodating the disabled.  In this regard, he's probably worse than Harvey Weinstein.  Apparently, Mr. Polus, like Mr. Weinstein, can afford to be sued by his victims... so why change?

I'm certain I'm not his last victim, but I may be his loudest.  And in light of Time Magazine's cover dedicated to whistle blowers, it's time to acknowledge that #MeToo also stands against the abuse and bullying subordinates receive at the hands of powerful and corrupt CEO's like Doron Polus.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fresh Complaint

1.0 star rating
Here's a Fresh Complaint from a customer who simply expected The Sliding Door Company to do what they promised to do.  This was a $20,000 order, apparently, so obviously, not worth returning a phone call... especially after they had billed the client.  Let's look at the details of this review to see if we can spot anything that has been a recurring complaint and still  hasn't been addressed.

Yelp Review
To say I am dissatisfied with my experience is an understatement.
The short version of a very long story is that this company is extremely consistent in
overpromising and missing each and every deliverable along the way:  the plans that were drawn up were not representative of the measurements that were taken (cost me another $1,000 to have my architect fix them), calls were never returned after they charged my credit card (I had to literally call every hour for 3 days until someone picked up), and they missed their promised delivery date by 7 weeks.  
If I was getting doors from China for the "deal of a lifetime", I could live with the above, but not for a $20,000 price tag.  Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place.

The first complaint is "overpromising".  This is, of course, a huge problem for The Sliding Door Company.  They know (and we know from other reviewers) that it takes 12 weeks from the time the order is placed until the doors arrive.  I'm sure some customers look elsewhere when they hear their doors will arrive in three months.

The twelve weeks doesn't even start from when the customer places the order... it starts when the company/sales person places the order.  Sadly, The Sliding Door Company is often not honest about this and so I have to explain the process to their customers.

The customer typically orders the product in the showroom.  That means they will give a deposit and decide on glass and frame options.  THEN, a measurement will be scheduled.  From the complaints page, this could take two weeks.  Once the measurements have been taken, the order is placed.  Twelve weeks after that, the doors arrive and an installation must be scheduled.  That may also take a week or two.  So customers should expect to wait LONGER than 12 weeks for their doors to arrive.

This assumes the doors have been measured correctly.  We have seen in many complaints that the doors are NOT measured correctly.  So, almost four months into the project, the doors may arrive the WRONG SIZE.  Indeed, this is what happened to the reviewer above.  He says:
"the plans that were drawn up were not representative of the measurements that were taken (cost me another $1,000 to have my architect fix them)" 
We already know measuring is not their strong suit... but apparently the measurements were correct in this case.  Somewhere in the process, the person preparing the plans for the installation screwed up the measurements.  The CUSTOMER had to pay to correct this error.  Why?

"calls were never returned after they charged my credit card"
This is another recurring complaint we've heard.  Once they get their money, the sale is over as far as they are concerned.  Don't expect any customer support - it doesn't exist.
"they missed their promised delivery date by 7 weeks"
That's no surprise to readers of this blog either and I'm sure was just icing on the cake for this particular project.  So regardless of the size of the project, customers of The Sliding Door Company will be equally treated with the same disregard.  

Poor Quality and Poor Service

It's what people have come to expect from The Sliding Door Company.  This client is dissatisfied after spending $20,000 with The Sliding Door Company - and they don't bother to return his calls.  Let's keep an eye on this review, shall we?  Negative Yelp reviews seem to be the only hope for people dealing with The Sliding Door Company.  Hopefully, Shery Hai-Ami (Alex C) will respond to explain that there are two sides to every story... or provide some other excuse as to why this particular customer had "issues" that prevented them from doing a good job. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Green is their Color

A Happy Green Ogre
Green is good...  it's their color.  Their logo is green, their showroom is green... Their PRODUCTS are green... 

Wait what?  Their products?

Yes, their products sometimes have a greenish tinge that reviewers have identified.  In one case the problem was caught in time.  Let's have a peek at the reviews, shall we?
shawn g.  Santa Cruz, CA2.0 star rating 3/29/2012
If you live outside this company's service area you are out of luck. We desperately wanted them to do the install, but they refused even when we offered to pay.  We had to beg them to at least come and see the scope of the project once. This was a huge residential job for them. We had swing and sliding doors. They got some of the order wrong and the product is from China so it takes forever to get it corrected. And if you make a mistake you are screwed. For instance it is not possible to add a latch after fabrication. The good news and bad news is they have a variety of glass to choose from, you may not be able to have the class match in one room due to needing a different type of glass to perform a certain function ie. some glass has a green tint, some are white, some you can see through some, is more opaque. The product is beautiful and adds a lot to the character to a house, but I am disappointed with feel of the door and the latching options, not to mention their funky customer service.
The next reviewer is happy because the green tinted glass mistake was caught in time.
Brenda O.Crestline, CA5.0 star rating 10/21/2017
Like the other reviews, my husband and I went looking for the perfect closet doors for our bedroom remodel.  After ho-hum experiences with the Big Box stores we discovered The Sliding Door Company online.
Kristi Kehoe at the Pasadena store was fantastic! She was so thorough in explaining the process and clearly knows the product so well.  Better still, she was great after I discovered that the green hue in the glass we ordered would not go with our chosen wall color! She paused the order, arranged to have a sample of their new Milky/Deluxe white finish sent to us, and then patiently redid our order.  
The doors arrived on time, the installers were great, and we couldn't be happier.  I would highly recommend Kristi and The Sliding Door Company to anyone who is looking for closet doors!
So what is happening with this glass that makes it appear green?

The Sliding Door Company manufactures its own glass in China.  The greenish hue in the glass comes from the iron content in the glass.  Let's have a look at this greenish hue.

At first glance, it doesn't look so bad... but it definitely looks greenish compared to the adjacent wall.  

For a customer who is decorating their home, the greenish tint may or may not be pleasing to them.  Let's have a look at a larger picture... one that The Sliding Door Company promotes.

Above is one of The Sliding Door Company's promotional images.  Look at the beautiful colors the designer has picked.  Blue-gray walls and matching bed coverings.  White chair and lamp.  

The only thing out of place in this picture is the color of the glass!  

Clearly, this can be an unexpected problem for customers who are expecting white glass.

Green is their thing... and it will be yours too if you purchase this particular product.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sliding Door Company Complaints

The Sliding Door Company is a company in complete denial of the harm they do to people who simply want to purchase a product from them.  

We see that they will try to discredit any customer who is dissatisfied with the product or service they received from the company.  We can see that they must always insist they are right and the customer must be wrong.  They often claim success even when they put the customer through HELL!

We have two people who primarily respond to Yelp reviews.  One is Sheryl Hai Ami who responds under the psuedonym "Alex C" and is the wife of CEO, Doron Polus.  The other is Betty Jacobs, who is related to East Coast Sliding Door Company president, Ron Jacobs.

Let's have a look at some of The Sliding Door Company's complaints from our complaint page, and let's see how The Sliding Door Company's customer service representatives responded.  

J P.   Marina del Rey, CA   3/29/2013
I am surprised by these high ratings.  The doors arrived late (from China) and on top of that were the wrong size.  Customer service treated us as if it were our fault and initially did not want to compensate us for the inconvenience.  In the end, we canceled our order.
We're all surprised by the high ratings.

So, this is a complaint that is typical of the type of service people should expect of The Sliding Door Company.  They promise 12 weeks shipping time, so these apparently took even longer.  So, after several months, the door came in the wrong size, gee... where have we heard that before?  Since this is an older complaint, Sheryl Hai-Ami's name is still on this one (on my blog at least).  I haven't looked to see if they replaced it with "Alex C" yet.
Comment from Sheryl H. of The Sliding Door Company Business Manager 4/2/2013  
We are familiar with this, and did everything we could to resolve the complaint fairly.  We were in contact throughout the process with the contractor and the client.  We felt terrible that we couldn't come to an agreement, so we refunded the customer in full.  We were not trying to place blame for the mistake in manufacturing - this is why we were willing to offer a full refund.  We care very much for our customers' satisfaction - they are the reason we are here.  
I'm confused by this sentence "We were not trying to place the blame for the mistake in manufacturing - this is why we were willing to offer a full refund."  What are they talking about?  Are they suggesting they would rather give a refund than take responsibility for the mistake? 

Let's go to the next complaint response:

Oh dear, we've already discussed this complaint and what appears to be racism at The Sliding Door Company.  OK, on to the next...

You've got the Wrong Sliding Door Company?

This is one of my favorites.  Betty Jacobs claims the reviewer is confused about the company he is reviewing.

  • Daniel R.  Marina del Rey, CA  7/13/2012
We ordered 5 doors for a condo renovation. One arrived broken and we managed to get the Sliding Door Co to replace it. When the floor plan changed we asked to exchange 2 doors for a different size and the company said 'NO.' The doors were in the package and had not yet been opened. That was disappointing. We discovered another door we received was also broken with the carton undamaged. The company said it was too late to notify them and would not replace the door.  The frosted side of the glass is difficult (impossible) to clean and shows through on the smooth side.
Perhaps the most troubling matter was the specs. The installation instructions had the contractor install the pocket door in a way that altered the reveal of the door making it uneven on the top and one side. The contractor had to rip out the framing and start over after the furniture arrive. When we pointed this out to the company they agreed it was questionable but said that's the way they wrote it. It made no sense.
Overall, Sliding Door was difficult to deal with after the sale. In the end we used only 2 doors and we would not order from them again. I reluctantly gave one star rating because there is nothing lower.
Comment from Betty J. of The Sliding Door Company  Business Owner 5/19/2014  
We are sorry you didn't have a pleasant experience and respect your decision of posting your experience. However, The Sliding Door Company in California is a completely different company. We do not share the same management nor do we share the same employees.
Unfortunately, they share the SAME PRODUCTS and the same product literature.  Clearly (or not so clearly) the leaking seals are the very same leaking seals we have been discussing here.  
We would greatly appreciate if you would remove this posting and share your experience on their respective Yelp page as we have undergone personnel changes and implemented new policies to ensure an excellent customer service experience for each of our clients.Thank you, 
LOL. The Sliding Door Company East wants to separate itself from The Sliding Door Company West.  Isn't that interesting?

But these are older reviews.  Has their attitude improved in recent years?  Let's have a look...

Below is a more recent review.  First, let's have a look to see if anything has changed in the past few years.  For example, the review above is from 2012 and describes faulty installation instructions for a pocket door.  The review below describes faulty installation instructions for a pocket door.

Serge D.San Diego, CA5/20/2017We needed a custom size pocket sliding door because we have high ceiling and liked the quality and design of their doors. Good quality but very expensive and absolutely NO customer service. Their office on 4th Av is randomly closed, so call before you go. Cost was about $900  ( special offer ) to start + $500 for delivery and installation which I did not want because I'm a contractor. Then we changed the glass style and they said it was an extra $300. I installed following exactly their instructions handbook and had issues with the bottom guide and latching system. Called several times their L.A to get support, they never responded to voice mail ( don't bother leaving a message). Talked to 3 different people who said that a specialist would call me back, they never did. Finally after an email, sending a video showing the issues, they got back to me after I bugged them again and wanted to charge an upfront $250 for an assessment of their problem!!  No way!I ended up spending 2 hours to modify their system so it would work!!Stay away unless you're ok to spend big bucks and get frustrated!!! 
The reviewer above is a contractor.  Let's see how Sheryl Hai-Ami (Alex C) responds, shall we?

Comment from Alex C. of The Sliding Door CompanyBusiness Customer Service  6/5/2017  
Dear Serge,We are truly sorry you feel that you had an unpleasant experience with us.After carefully looking into the chain of events, we see that due to the unusual difficulty you had installing our system, our team did everything in their power to try and clarify the situation.
"We are truly sorry you feel you had an unpleasant experience with us."
Are they suggesting this unpleasant experience was subjective?  Next, they go on to suggest this contractor had "unusual difficulty" installing their system.  Apparently, the contractor in the previous review also had unusual difficulty installing their system.  Maybe the problem is in their system and in the installation instructions they are providing to contractors?  Just a thought to consider before defaming a contractor by suggesting he can't follow instructions.
During the last conversation you had with our Customer Service Manager, we were happy to hear that the system was installed correctly and completely functioning to your satisfaction.
Yes, the customer was SO satisfied, he decided to write a blistering Yelp review.  Does Sheryl Hai-Ami really believe this customer was satisfied?
However, we at The Sliding Door Company take pride in our quality interior glass door solutions as well as our exceptional customer care.
OK, well, at some point, you shouldn't...
We have tried to contact you recently in order to have a chance to hopefully improve your overall experience with us.  We do hope you will consider our company's services again in the future.  Thank you, TSDC

 Translation "We'd like you to remove your negative Yelp review."

Let's move on to the next one which, coincidentally, also discusses the "installation instructions" which we know from the previous two reviewers, are basically useless.

Donna D.  Goleta, CA  2/13/2015

this company has been our worst nightmare .  It took over 10 weeks to have the doors arrive in the US.  We had to go pick them up at a warehouse that was very difficult to find.  They would not deliver or install.  WE received no installation instructions. until we asked for them.   . We had to cut pieces to fit the doors. 
WE had to ask for the end pieces twice and they sent the wrong ones twice and even asked us for payment and shipping charges.  Initially they were very hard to contact either by phone or even by email.  I suggest you  find a different company  because they are extremely unreliable. The doors look great but they are still not complete.  after months of communication.  They are no professional
Comment from Sheryl H. of The Sliding Door Company 
Business Manager 2/18/2015  
I am very sorry to learn about Donna's review. We at The Sliding Door Company care very much about our customers and their satisfaction from our products as well as the service. We are working very hard to accomplish it and I am happy to say that for the most part we are very successful.  
We are "working very hard" to "care very much about our customers" - Yay!

Let's start by calling this particular customer a liar!
There are always two sides to every story. In this case all the complaints are related to the installation which was done by Donna's contractor.
Hold on... I sense Sheryl is about to blame three contractor's in a row - it's a turkey shoot! 
The installation instructions are available and very easy to follow.
Except that whey these contractors followed the instructions, NOTHING FIT!  Some had to rip out walls in order to install the product.  Could it be that maybe Sheryl doesn't know what she's talking about?
We always provide the tracks longer to be cut to size on site. The dividers must be glued to the glass and the double side tape is provided for alignment only as stated in the installation instructions.
Well, we know that's not true.  We even documented a video at one point that shows tape is used to secure the divider strips.  
We are very happy that Donna loves the doors and her suggestion to find another company is an overstatement.
LOL... That "Donna loves the doors" is all Sheryl took from this negative review tells a LOT about the company.

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Sliding Door Company has "Issues"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, some of the most valuable and credible information about the Sliding Door Company comes from their 5-Star reviews.  I searched a few of their glowing reviews for the word "issues" to see what issues have come up with their happiest customers.

Here's one of my favorites:

Yelp link
  • San Diego, CA  2/3/2016

This rating is for Justin, the field tech that came to our home today to fix a noise that our sliding doors were making.  We had them installed in our guest room in August of 2014, and after a visit last month from some dear friends, the one side started making a loud noise when we opened it.  (Tip:  since these are high end products with automatic closures, we would suggest giving a short clinic to anyone that might be visiting and using them, as they can't just be slammed shut)  
OK, so here's some good information.  Guests need to be trained before using this product - otherwise they may destroy it.
Justin was wonderful and even though the main problem was with the right side of the closet, he also said the other side was not sliding smoothly. He spent the extra time  to take off both doors, put new wheels on both,  and re-align them them so they now work perfectly.  We appreciated how he paid attention to detail and didn't just rush through the job in 10 minutes. The appointment lasted for an hour.
Justin seems to be worth his weight in gold.  But seriously, 1-1/2 years into owning this product and it required an hour's worth of maintenance?  It's a sliding door.
As far as the company goes: we have been happy with their service. We origonally ordered frosted glass doors but the vapor from the frames disinigrated the frosting near the sides.  After two unsuccessful trys to fix them, the company just ordered new plain glass doors for us.  
Ah, the famous seal failure issue.  Yes, this "issue" has hounded The Sliding Door Company for years.  Still no idea how to fix it apparently.  Glass cleaner doesn't work, but they know this. 
There is a three year warrenty for parts and they waived the $125 service call, which we greatly appreciated.  We would recommend this company, just be aware that you have to be gentle when using the product.
This is interesting.  They claim they offer a 10 year warranty.  At least they waived the $125 service call for this customer.

Let's go to another review, shall we?  This one is from about the same time.  I have highlighted this review before.  Again, Justin is saving the day for this customer.  Yay, Justin!
I had these doors installed for seven different openings in my home, which was quite an investment.  I've enjoyed them greatly for years, though I recently had some issues with a couple of cracked track guides/wheels as well as the gas within the panes leaking onto the inside at the borders of the doors, giving the appearance of the frosted look etching away (apparently this is a problem with the sealing tape rather than the gaskets).  
Oh dear, same problems as the previous reviewer.  Cracked wheels and stuff leaking onto the frosted glass.
After a lengthy setup time to have a service person come by the house, I was very impressed with Justin who addressed all of the issues and left me with a bottle of glass cleaner to address the symptom of the slow-leak gasket/tape problem.  He was very friendly, professional, efficient, and helpful in resolving all of the doors' issues.  Overall I like the product and greatly appreciate Justin's help.
Yes, the glass cleaner gag worked on this customer.  In the review above this one, The Sliding Door Company had to replace the doors completely.  

Let's have a look at another glowing review:
  • Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, United States  11/15/2016
Oh my! Oh my! why have i not written a review for this super mega ultra fabulous company? I love love love my doors.
I have had nothing but great experiences with this company. They are more than happy to assist you when something does not work.
This review is specifically for MANNY who works for the company. He is a true gentlemen. He goes above and beyond and is extremely professional.
OK, so at this location it's Manny who is keeping their customer satisfied.
When  you call the culver city location it is a bit scary it sounds like a not so experienced person is working for the company thankfully I did not have to deal with her.  She sounds timid and scared. Not good.
OK, but let's get to the "issue"... 
Anyway, I have these doors in my store. Only issue i have are the wheels keep breaking which is a bit frustrating but I always get assisted to replace them. I have had to pay for the service which is annoying but I guess that is what you have to do.
Wait, what? The wheels "keep breaking" and the customer pays a service charge each time they are replaced?  And THAT is what you have to do? 
I am giving this company 5 stars because they always take care of what is needed plus my doors are gorgeous.  Manny!  He is great!

Well, kudos to Manny and I suppose if you're happy with a product that keeps breaking and requires you to continually pay to have it fixed, then yeah - 5 Stars!

Below is another satisfied customer - but only because he personally stayed on top of his sales order to ensure it wasn't screwed up.
  • Sacramento, United States   1/9/2017
I wanted sliding doors for privacy in my loft; I had very specific ideas about what I wanted. I found The Sliding Door's website and they offered exactly what I wanted--except the price was way more than I wanted to pay. So, I procrastinated, looked elsewhere and finally looked at their website again and found they were offering sale prices on some of their doors. I'll fast forward to the installation, which was two months later. The installers were polite and professional, did a wonderful job, and had the doors in place in less time that I expected. These doors are gorgeous. They reach from floor to my 10' ceiling. They glide so smoothly they are virtually frictionless and make a soft, almost silent 'whoosh' sound when they glide open or closed. I chose a frosted glass which is perfect for the application; the glass allows light to filter in but obscures the view. Other residents in the building have been stopping by to see them as word spreads about these fabulous doors that offer privacy and a sleek, modern design. 
The first half of the review sounds like it could be a testimonial.  But then "there were some issues"
So.... to fill in the blank between 'ordering' and 'installing'... suffice to say there were some issues that were mostly due to the salesperson not updating my choices.
We're slowly realizing that the "salesperson" will determine to a great degree what type of experience a customer has at The Sliding Door Company.  
If I didn't have emails to document conversations about detail/option changes between my initial contact with the company and when I placed the order I would have been stuck with doors that were not at all what I wanted and selected. It took more than a few phone calls and emphatic insistence on my part to have the order corrected. 
Yes, this customer is fortunate that he had proof of the error.  Still he had to have "emphatic insistence" and monitor the sales process to ensure he got what he ordered.  Otherwise, he says "I would have been stuck with doors that were not at all what I wanted and selected".
My advice to those who want absolute top quality doors: purchase them from The Sliding Door Company, but (!) make sure what you select is what the salesperson enters on your order contract. Check and double check again. I'm thrilled with the doors and I plan on ordering two more doors for other rooms.
 Still, a 5-star review for a company that screwed up his order right before his very eyes.

Looking at The Sliding Door Company's reviews can be very revealing.  In a future blog, we will be taking a look at how The Sliding Door Company responds to customers who complain.

Stay tuned... 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Another Product Complaint

Barn Door Product
Below is a fairly recent Yelp review is from the Seattle Sliding Door Company - which is part of the West Coast team under Doron Polus and his family.  This poor customer wanted a door that, you know... actually functions!  

Again, anyone who reads this blog knows that The Sliding Door Company's products are kind of "hit-or-miss" when it comes to actually working properly.  

After a classic case of bad measurements being taken by TSDC, the door or the parts to install it must have arrived in the wrong size - again, no surprise to readers of this blog.  Hey, maybe they got the color right this time?  I know there were serious issues with this product that have never been resolved to my knowledge.

In reading the review, it appears The Sliding Door Company also performed "misquotes" whatever that is... perhaps they mis-spoke, but the reviewer follows it up with "Overpriced is an understatement".  Did they intentionally "misquote" the price?  Is this why so many reviews claim to have hidden charges show up on their bill?  We may have to look into this further in a separate blog since unexpected charges seems to come up quite often in reviews of The Sliding Door Company.  

The reviewer says "Tomas, our sales person, made several errors throughout the process and was not well trained."  A poorly-trained sales person can obviously cause a lot of headaches down the road.  Dear Sliding Door Company, please take a few minutes out of your busy day to train Tomas, because if for some reason a sale doesn't go perfectly through the system, customers are stuck dealing with your non-responsive customer service department.  

Beauty and Eligance

Somebody, for example, sold the system pictured on the left.  In this installation, a sliding door system configuration was sold that is clearly unsafe.  The metal sliding door crosses over an electrical outlet so that anything plugged into it can be damaged, or damage the door, or worse.  Nobody can say a customer could not get an electrical shock after bringing the door into contact with an electrical plug in that outlet.  A salesperson with even a tiny bit of training and integrity would never have sold this.  The customer has not added value to their home and in all likelihood will need to remove these doors if they ever try to sell their home.

Getting back to the revew...

The reviewer, got the run-around from someone identified as Lisa P whom I'm assuming is Lisa Pickett, their regional sales manager.  Ms. Pickett apparently couldn't be less helpful when she finally contacted the customer.  In fact, she apparently kept this customer hanging on by claiming the problem would be resolved.  It never was, apparently.

Yelp link

  • Tracy K.
  • Kapaa, HI
  • 1/12/2017
    I am currently in the middle of the worst customer service  and product mess with these people. We started the project November of 2016 and now in January 2017 we still have a non functioning door after spending more than $2000.00 on it. They made several incorrect measurements and misquotes. Overpriced is an understatement, but I could have dealt with that if the customer service was better. Tomas, our sales person, made several errors throughout the process and was not well trained. Even when I called and spoke to Lisa P about the issues, we continued to have problems. Many of our email and phone calls went unanswered . When she did finally make contact, Lisa continued to tell us that it was going to be resolved, but it wasn't. The door has now stopped functioning less than two weeks after instal. What a disappointing experience. I can only suggest staying far away from any company who should behave this way.
    Sadly, The Sliding Door Company has been using the name of one of the sweetest, nicest, friendliest and happiest people at their company as the pseudonym for Sheryl Hai-Ami, the wife of the CEO, Doron Polus.  This particular "Alex C." responds in the most insensitive way possible:

    Comment from Alex C. of The Sliding Door Company 
    1/27/2017  While we apologize for your experience, we can confidently say every effort was taken to efficiently address your concerns and work you and your contractor within the schedule constraints.  Now that your Barn Door is installed and everything resolved, we wish you many years ahead enjoying the quality, beauty and elegance our TSDC door added to your home.
    "While we apologize for your experience" or something to that effect seems to be at the beginning of many responses from The Sliding Door Company.  Then, of course, comes the denial of doing anything wrong.  Sometimes, as we've seen, they claim their customers are liars.    They will claim they did nothing wrong, as always.  

    Does anyone reading this blog actually believe "every effort was made" by ANYONE at The Sliding Door Company?  The reviewer apparently had to hire a contractor to somehow install the mis-measured, mis-quoted door.  

    Notice the part "Now that your Barn Door is installed and everything is resolved"? 

    Is this trying to suggest to the people reading this review that "everything is resolved" when it hasn't been?  Is The Sliding Door Company suggesting something that isn't true here?

    I guess now that everything is resolved, we will be seeing an updated review by Tracy K to let us know this.  Lacking this, we should assume Tracy's problems may just be beginning and that The Sliding Door Company is lying about having "resolved" anything with this particular reviewer.