Monday, April 4, 2016

Documented Use of Counterfeit Structural Bracket

Swing Door Installation Video

The link above is to a video of the installation of a Sliding Door Company Swing Door product.  

At 0:20 of the video, we see the installer applying a counterfeit Simpson Strong-tie.  

TSDC's engineering documents call for this one: 

Not the same - at all.  So, clearly they don't follow the documentation an engineer has prepared for them.

At 0:44 the video cuts away because the installer realized there was no room for his drill to fit into the space he left himself.  Planning - even when making a sales tool video of an installation - doesn't enter the process.

Notice - no stud finders are used in this process.  Too expensive to supply installers with the equipment to find the solid blocking they are required by contract to install into.

By the end of the video, we can see that this is a commercial installation and that the swing door does not meet the ADA kick plate requirement.  

In this video, The Sliding Door Company has documented yet another bad installation - and in the process demonstrated that they use the counterfeit brackets in commercial installations, that planning isn't taken into consideration when installing a system, and that ultimately, the installed commercial system doesn't pass ADA.

Good Job!

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