Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Adding A New Digit!

Our blog visit counter is getting full... We are going to have to add another digit today!
The Sliding Door Complaint Blog's New Digit
10,000 views.  Who would have guessed when we started this blog less than seven months ago, that so many people would be interested in The Sliding Door Company's failures?  

It doesn't hurt that this particular company is representative of companies that behave at their worst!  Today, people are outraged at businesses when they put profit above safety.  And let's be clear here, that's EXACTLY what The Sliding Door Company does every single day.

This blog has demonstrated their dishonest sales tactics, their mistreatment of customers AND employees - and their failures in almost every aspect of business ethics.

So having achieved this milestone, where will we go moving forward?  

Well, of course we will continue to expose The Sliding Door Company's fraudulent business practices - and we have a lot more to expose so please stay tuned.  But I think it's also time to get more federal and state agencies involved in this case and to reflect to readers how this involvement transpires in the real world.  In my case, the evidence points to a conspiracy to hide safety defects in The Sliding Door Company's products - involving family members.  

Additionally, the evidence suggests that Human Resources department manager was completely inept and acted against me to save her own job.  Evidence also suggests she involved an unwitting independent investigator in a crime.  But we will get to all that soon.  And while it is important to me, people aren't interested in my case as much as the overall product safety issues I have been exposing.  So with that in mind, we move forward exposing product safety issues, product fraud, contract fraud, engineering fraud and more.  

Join us in SALUTING The Sliding Door Company (and companies like them) and the fine work they do.  We added a new digit - just for them!

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