Thursday, December 10, 2015

Only Three Months Old and Talking Already

My, how we've grown... Only three months old and talking already.  And there's so much to say, I've had to take a little time off from the blog to write it all down for the investigators.  No worries dear readers... I have a feeling my testimony might find its way onto these pages too.  So it certainly isn't time wasted... and we're pushing 5,000 views at this point, so still going strong, I'd say.

What have we accomplished so far?  Well, for one thing, we have hosted a lot of very good articles about business ethics, business and contract law, whistle-blowing, office spying, unethical human resources tactics and employee safety.  To punctuate those articles, real world examples from The Sliding Door Company have been provided.  We've seen how a company can behave like a cult, and how a bullying boss can build an environment in which normally good, well-meaning people remain silent about repeated customer complaints and safety issues.  

Our most-read pages are the ones that show The Sliding Door Company at their worst.  Safety issues, ADA violationscontract fraud, customer service dishonesty, office spying, and racism.  Most retweeted pages have to do with OSHA, ADA, safety and fraud, but other favorites include the "cult vibe" and "proprietary formula" blogs.

And there's a LOT more coming.

So don't be afraid to light a candle for us dear readers, we've got fuel to burn for a long time! 

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