Thursday, November 5, 2015


So, what's up with this blog?  What did The Sliding Door Company do to deserve such public attention?  Is this simply a hot-headed blogger who was fired for cause and now feels he has a vendetta against these fine, honest people? That's what they would want you to believe. Indeed, the suggestion seems reasonable and believable.  And yet... What actually happened is a very different story.  

And THAT is what this blog is here to point out - that these are far from fine, honest people.  These are people who harm others and actually take pleasure (and profit) in doing it.  And they get away with it most of the time as this blog points out. 

They have harmed me and my family with their actions.  And I'm holding them, and those who assisted them accountable for what they did.  I have been a whistle blower for over a decade, and what I've seen at The Sliding Door Company sure wets my whistle for a little whistle-blowing.

So, I've made it my job to expose what they do, to employees and customers.  And, because they regularly break the law, they might not like this exposure.  As their former R&D manager, I know way too much about how their particular sausage is made, and I'm not about to censor myself.  From the very moment I arrived at The Sliding Door Company, my demand from them was to "Do what you say - or say what you do".  It was contrary to their established business practices to be honest with customers, unfortunately.

And it feels good to get this stuff out.  I like companies that say what they do and do what they say.  When companies say one thing and do something else, well, that's fraud.  When they violate safety and ADA regulations, and ignore their own product safety issues, somebody needs to speak out.  As an engineer, when I see safety issues being ignored, I consider myself a "mandated reporter".  I'm not going to stand by and watch while others are harmed.

Other former employees of The Sliding Door Company will find the courage to speak out about what they have witnessed too someday. 
They are certainly invited to do so here.  Readers may already suspect that mine isn't an isolated case of employee abuse at TSDC.  
When those floodgates open, there will be a lot of explaining to do on TSDC's part.  These issues won't go away precisely because they are part of the business model - the lack of business ethics that is prevalent at The Sliding Door Company - and starting at the very top.  If they feel what they do is legal, moral and ethical, they certainly won't mind being made famous for their business practices.

As I said, I've been a whistle blower for a long time.  I have made this blog about business ethics and have used The Sliding Door Company as a "bad example". Their actions will not be soon forgotten.  The complaints of their customers have found a new voice here - and more importantly SUPPORT!  What seemed like isolated complaints, when examined more carefully, reveal systemic problems at The Sliding Door Company, stemming from unethical business practices and amounting to fraud!

Since I know the reasons for the harm of these people, I will make sure that The Sliding Door Company and their affiliates become famous for what they have done - not just to me, but to their own employees and customers in the name of greed.  

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