Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Months and Going Strong

We're having another anniversary!  Two Months and going strong.  I started this blog on9-11.  There have been over 3,000 site visits!  Somebody must be paying attention.  My blog has already been featured on several Twitter blogs on "Ethics" and other topics. 

I'm making The Sliding Door Company famous!  Sure, it's famous like Richard Nixon is famous, but still... 

And I've recently had my first angry anonymous comment calling me "pathetic".  Gee... I've been a Whistle-blower for more than a decade.  Ya think maybe I've heard that sort of sentiment before?
They suggest I should "Get a real job".  Hmmm... I actually thought I had one when I accepted a position at The Sliding Door Company.  I'm working on monetizing this blog - does that count?

And besides, I'm still pretty happy doing my current job for The Sliding Door Company - you know... helping them rediscover all the problems with their products and their customers - and their new legal problems... and perhaps giving them new incentive to address them.  Hopefully, they will get to correct all these problems before somebody is forced to resign.

So, what's coming up for month number 3?

  • Letters from Sheryl Hai Ami on ADA Issues
  • Engineering documents - "Do what you say!"
  • What does "Patent Pending" mean?
  • TSDC's Support Group (HR and Legal services for hire)
  • and... Lot's more!!!

Stay Tuned!!! 

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