Thursday, November 12, 2015

Let's Check Out the Competition

You would think that with the way The Sliding Door Company treats their customers, they might have a monopoly on sliding closet doors.  Within the first week of working there, I decided to check out the "competition" by visiting Lowes.  I was surprised to find almost the EXACT frames used by The Sliding Door Company on Lowes closet doors.  Why would Lowes steal a design from The Sliding Door Company?  Readers of this blog may well wonder if it was the other way around.

Anyway, before buying from a company that has a very bad reputation for customer service, it wouldn't hurt to check out the competition.  Here's a peek at what's out there that is similar to The Sliding Door Company's products.  The prices are from the stores closest to their own corporate offices.  I may have missed a few sizes, but I think readers will get the idea.  There's no reason to suffer through The Sliding Door Company's rude sales people and non-existent customer service department.  Very reasonable (even better) solutions are available at trustworthy companies.  Below are some examples:

48x80 - $445.33 at Lowes
60x80 - $492.86 at Lowes
72x80 - $561.41 at Lowes
48x80 - $361.55 at Lowes
60x80 - $402.15 at Lowes

48x80 - $338.34 at Lowes
60x80 - $382.55 at Lowes
72x80 - $446.30 at Lowes
In White also.
Similar doors with mirrors from
the same company are as low as $90.
48x80 - $418.13 at Lowes
60x80 - $465.66 at Lowes
72x80 - $534.20 at Lowes

How about some options from Home Depot?  Home Depot doors have received complaints, but keep in mind that they are for "do-it-yourself" types and often the complaints are less about the door quality and more about the installation evaluation of the do-it-yourselfer.  Having said this - as with any product, buyers should beware.

60x81 - $600.00 at Home Depot
Many sizes and options available.

84x81 - $879.00 at Home Depot
48x96 - $649.20 at Home Depot

There are literally too many options to list

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