Saturday, November 14, 2015

Engineering Documents - NOT!

It certainly isn't the engineer's fault!  Given accurate engineering data, the engineer can determine what is safe and what is not.  But what happens when someone misrepresents information to the engineer?  Is it fraudulent to misrepresent information in order to get engineering "certificates"?  Of course it is!

Expired Engineering Certification
As of the time I left the The Sliding Door Company, their "engineering" documents had been expired for three years.  There was no interest in having an engineer re-visit the documents. With that said... 

Let's have a look at a few pages from TSDC's "engineering documents to see if the engineer received good data to work with. 

At the left we see what the engineer based his load calculations on. See the big red box with the words "HORIZONTAL LOAD"?  See the words the arrow is pointing to?  "6063-T5" is the type of aluminum these calculations are based on.  It has properties that are known/available to the engineer and those properties are what the engineer bases the load calculations on.  But hold on... We know that The Sliding Door Company doesn't use 6063-T5 aluminum.  They have a "proprietary formula" for their aluminum. So what do their "engineering" certifications mean?  Absolutely NOTHING!

The components to the right and below were used in TSDC's engineering calculations.  These are NOT the components they use in their installations (too expensive).  They use this one (35 cents) which they have copied from a Simpson design and for which they have no engineering test data.

The page below shows both components as well as the 6063-T5 aluminum beam on which The Sliding Door Company's expired engineering documents are based.  Additionally, they don't use or tell their installers to use the mechanical anchors that are called out here.  Literally nothing on this page of "engineering calculations" represents the actual Sliding Door Company product!

As usual, this raises another question of ethical behavior on the part of The Sliding Door Company.  They KNOW these documents are expired, and they also know they don't have anything valid to replace them.  They continue to suggest that they have valid engineering to support their product installations.  That simply isn't the case.

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