Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!  

The Sliding Door Complaint blog has been going for exactly one month today!  We launched on September 11, 2015.  

9/11 is a special day of memorial for all Americans.  I'm curious... who designed their logo?

Anyway, let's get to the reason for this blog.  Why are we here?  Why aren't we in court or in mediation quietly determining who is right and who is wrong?  

Well, we could settle this in court but a courtroom is the very LAST place TSDC wants to be.  They would have a lot of explaining to do to a judge wouldn't they?  And let's be clear here - they tried to pay me to go away quietly and I didn't accept their offer.  

I suspect their CEO, Doron, still doesn't realize how wrong what he did was.  And how it was illegal to retaliate against a whistle-blower, not to mention damaging to me personally.  A plausible lie doesn't replace the truth in my world so we are going to get to the bottom of what happened. Doron dragged his own family members, not to mention other employees and private investigators into the mess HE created.

His own attorney doesn't seem to get it - and issued a threatening letter proving this - demanding that I "cease and desist" trying to settle this matter quietly - while at the same time defaming ME.  In other words, TSDC continued and extended their harassment and bullying of me through their attorney.  So I suspect we may  be in court someday, but in the mean time... I don't let myself be threatened by bullies or their attorneys.  

And there's no reason we need to wait to do this in court.  Evidence is evidence and it won't go away just because I'm blogging about it.  So, I'm happy to whistle-blow until I'm blue in the face and Doron's red in the face.  There's a LOT to work with here and it feels good to get the truth out to the public.

Treating employees like me unethically is the tip of the iceberg.  TSDC treats customers unethically too as evidenced by their complaints.  And there seems to be no end to the customer complaints.  The more I blog, the more TSDC has to fix!!!  Especially now that the state and federal agencies have been alerted.

The only customer who doesn't seem to complain is Regus - and they have their own "complaint" blog just like this one.  Birds of a feather, I'd guess.  There are class-action lawsuits being considered against Regus and just recently, The Sliding Door Company.  

You're welcome!

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